Soft Top Vs Hard Top Jeep: The Two Types of Jeep Wrangler Tops!

Even if you don’t have any idea about four-wheelers, you obviously know the name Jeep. This is how massive the brand has become, thanks to its signature model – the Jeep Wrangler.

Now, the Wrangler stands out in the crowd for one good reason – its customizability. To be specific, the multiple options that you get while choosing a top for the vehicle are simply awesome.

However, many four-wheelers’ enthusiasts dangle between the vehicle-top choices when it comes to getting a Jeep Wrangler. Is the soft top to choose from, or a hardtop seems to be a good investment?

Well, in this piece, we are going to discuss both the type of Jeep tops, and you can decide which one is going to suit you the best!

What’s a Top in Jeep Wrangler?

Well, that’s what makes a Jeep Wrangler so special. You can choose the top of the vehicle as you like. This is a classic feature of the vehicle.

Basically, the top of the Jeep Wrangler can be easily removed and replaced with different types of tops. The two basic types of tops are hardtop and softtop.

What Is the Hardtop of a Jeep Wrangler?

The hardtop is what it sounds like, hard. It’s basically the hard fiberglass wrapping of the vehicle.

There are multiple types of hardtops that you can pick from – one piece to two-piece, fastback, OEM Square, etc.

What Is the Soft top of a Jeep Wrangler?

The soft top is basically made from denim, vinyl, sailcloth, or twill materials. These are known as soft tops as you can easily fold them down whenever you like, and these are not, obviously, hard, nor made from fiberglass. So, these are pretty flexible and work more like a wrapper than a top.

Hardtop or Soft Top-Which One Should I Use?

Now, it’s pretty challenging to decide which type of top you should choose for your Jeep Wrangler. It’s pretty obvious to be confused as both the tops seem to be miles apart when it comes to the materials and build quality. So, let’s find out some of the pros and cons of these two top types.

Advantages of Using Hardtop

  • Durability

In terms of durability, hardtops are clearly the winner. You can’t possibly compare soft-top to hardtop when it comes to safeguarding your head.

The solid plastic and fiberglass construction is blended with the actual body of the vehicle. So, the hardtop will definitely last longer than the soft top, without a doubt.

  • Insulation

The hardtop can cover you in the winter season pretty easily. Contrary to the soft top, the hardtop can be more insulating and keep it warm inside the vehicle.

At the same time, it’s also quite the opposite in the summer. It hardly lets it get warm inside while there’s scorching heat out there.

  • Low Maintenance

You can consider the hardtop as an integrated part of the vehicle. So, cleaning and maintaining it doesn’t call for something extra. You don’t need to take additional care of the top in any manner.

  • Roof Rack

Everybody wants a roof rack when they are going for a long ride! If you are looking for one too, then the hardtop probably is the only choice you have if you own a Jeep Wrangler.

The soft top won’t be able to endure the weight of the bags you put on top, neither will it be able to keep baggage in place.

  • Security

Not to mention, the hardtop casing will obviously keep you safe from any intruder who tries to break into your vehicle. Something you won’t have the luxury of in the case of a soft top.

Disadvantages of Hardtop

  • Not Flexible

You can’t simply remove it just like that. You need to prepare a lot before pulling it apart using a number of tools. Plus, once the parts are separated, you need separate large storage to keep them in place.

  • Expensive

This goes without saying that the hardtop comes with a higher price tag than the soft-top counterpart.

Advantages of Soft top

  • Easy to Remove

You can put it on the soft top and remove it any time you want. No need to use any tool or prepare for it. It’s then and there!

  • Easy to Store

You can easily store it inside the vehicle when you fold it up, which is simply convenient! No need to get an extra storage option.

  • Affordable

Soft top covers are more affordable than hardtops. So, you don’t have to worry about the budget in any way.

Disadvantages of Soft top

  • Not Rugged

The soft top is easily damaged. A heavy wind can even blow it up in rare cases. It can even get torn at some places after coming into contact with sharp objects.

  • Not Good for Winter

During winter, it will allow the cold breeze to enter the vehicle, and you are definitely going to feel the cold. So, not recommended for winter.

  • Vulnerable

As for the security, it’s pretty insecure. Anyone can easily break in using just a knife in his hand and tear it apart.

So, there you go! If you are looking for flexibility and affordability, a soft top is a choice you should make. As for rigidity and security, hardtop comes out as the only option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Hard Tops better than soft tops?

Ans. In the case of security, robustness, and damage-proofing, hardtops are definitely better than soft tops.

Q2. Can you put a soft top on a hardtop Jeep?

Ans. Yes, but you need to convert the hardtop setup to a soft-top before you can use a soft top on it.

Q3. Is a hardtop convertible better than a soft top?

Ans. A hardtop convertible will always have the upper hand over the soft top for better electronic support and security.

Q4. Which Thar is the better, convertible or hard top?

Ans. For flexibility, a convertible should be a good choice for Thar, but if you are not going to cruise with an open 4X4, a hardtop is going to be a wiser pick.

Final Words

Choosing between a soft top and a hardtop Jeep is nothing to be confused about. The difference between these two is quite obvious, and the user base is different, too.

If you are looking for complete flexibility and fun, it’s the soft top you are recommended. However, if you are looking for a complete vehicle with regular features and security, a hardtop is your bet.

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