Best Wheel Covers in 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

Best 16 inch Wheel Covers

Drivers can testify that wheel covers determine the overall performance of the car’s wheels, as well as the ride to expect. However, with several car wheel cover brands in the market, identifying the best fit to purchase becomes a hard task. If selecting the best 16 inch wheel covers is still stressful to you, worry … Read more

10 Best Buffing Pads: (Reviewed In 2022)

best buffing pads

Maintaining your car to look attractive like when it was brand new is all the efforts of the owner. Regular cleaning, repairing, and replacing worn-out parts is the key to this. Buffing pads play an important role to remove all possible imperfections to give the car’s body a new look. But what are the best … Read more

The Best 12v Car Fans 2022: (Review & Buyers Guide)

best 12v car fan

Car owners and users always yearn for nice experiences when on the road every day. However, this only comes with the best devices and tools packed in the car to provide such experiences. 12 V car fans are important vehicle devices that keep car owners and other passengers on board have a wonderful experience while … Read more

Best Transmission Jack: Reviews and Guide [Top 10 Picks]

Best Transmission Jack

The work of removing an existing transmission and installing a new one is not easy without employing the best tools. Transmission jacks are the tools best suited for such tasks. However, with the market saturation of these tools, choosing the best fit becomes somehow challenging. What is the best transmission jack worthy to purchase? Herein, … Read more

5 Best 12V Electric Blanket in 2022: [#1 is Recommended]

Best 12 volt electric blanket

Vehicle heaters serve the role of maintaining us warm while driving during cold days. However, if the heater isn’t powerful, it might not provide the required amount of warmth during these times. That’s where the 12V heated blankets come in as your best alternative for maintaining required warmth in the colder seasons. However, with the … Read more

What is CSA in Trucking?

What is CSA in Trucking

Trucking means driving massive carriers by drivers and sharing the lanes with millions of other motorists. However, it also indicates there are probable risks of crashes with other vehicles. These crashes pose no minor injuries or damages either. As a result, the FMSCA formed the CSA program – Compliance, Safety, Accountability – to act as … Read more

What Is a Spot Quote in Trucking?

What Is a Spot Quote in Trucking

Suppose you are enjoying your lunch when there is a phone call. The caller requests an urgent hauling from the shippers. It is not within any contracted rates. How do you respond to this as a driver in a trucking company? Will you have the upper hand in this kind of situation? What about the … Read more

What Does PTA Stand For In Trucking?

What Does PTA Stand For In Trucking

There are many kinds of acronyms used in the business of transportation. These acronyms are used to indicate various factors that people involved in the business should know about. One of these acronyms is PTA. This one acronym has many kinds of full forms, and many of them hold similar meanings. For different kinds of … Read more

What Does Live Load Mean in Trucking?

What Does Live Load Mean in Trucking

A trucking career does not merely include hauling goods within states. Yes, the job entails how well-experienced you are at driving; there are still a few more things you should know. One such example is live load scheduling. It is an advantage for some truckers while tedious for others. Either way, you have got to … Read more