LED vs Halogen Headlights: Which One Should You Plan to Buy?

For quite a long time in the history of vehicle lighting, halogen light has been an integral part. This is not because it was the best option, but it was the only one available.

However, as the lighting mechanism evolved, different lighting options popped up. The light-emitting diode is one of the most widely used bulbs that are used in vehicle headlights today.

This is because of the lower price and better accessibility. However, is it a perfect choice for your vehicle lighting?

LED vs. Halogen headlights – which one should you plan to buy? Well, that’s the question we are going to answer here. Let’s find out.

How do Halogen Lights Work?

A halogen light comes with a tungsten filament which can evaporate itself. It is combined with halogen gas within total glass confinement.

This allows it to create a tungsten-halogen molecule. The molecule then returns back to the filament and reduces any darkness on the glass surface. This way, it produces light and brightens up around.

How do LED Lights Work?

The LED bulbs use a semiconducting material known as a diode to pass the electric current. This diode releases photons and eventually lightens up the bulb. The process is less complicated compared to halogen lighting.

Comparing Halogen and LED Lights

Let’s look at some points of similarity and difference between LED and Halogen lights. This will ease up the way for us to decide which one is going to be the better fit for use.

  • Light Housing Type

Both halogen and LED lights can be used in different housings and forms. The most popular housing is the reflectors. In this way, the bulb is placed inside a reflective housing that reflects the light around it and projects it on the road in front of it.

Apart from this, a recent projector setup has also become quite popular among users – the projector setup. In the case of performance and light projection, a projector housing is somewhat better than the reflector.

Moreover, projector housing can shrink the size of the lighting area of the vehicle, as well, as these are much more compact than reflectors.

  • Light Output

Halogen lights can produce an output of 1500 lumens, while LED lights can reach almost double the amount. This makes it a better lighting choice if you are really in need of bright lighting.

Considering the precise reflection, LED lights to outperform Halogen lights as in a light housing, halogen lights only have one bulb. On the contrary, LED lights are a pack of small diodes that can reflect more precisely.

  • Efficiency

As we have mentioned, halogen lights are less productive than LEDs in terms of the production of light.

So, that means LEDs are brighter than halogen bulbs. Apart from that, halogens can get pretty hot after a while to the extent that you won’t’ be able to touch the housing around.

Whereas the LEDs are pretty cool and soothing in nature. The housing can rarely get heated up and cause any touch issues.

  • Durability

In terms of durability, halogen lights have the upper hand without a doubt. Once you have set up a halogen bulb in your vehicle, you don’t need to worry about replacing it for the next 4 to 5 years!

On the other hand, LED lights will support you for a long time, as well. However, you will notice an obvious decline in brightness over time. As it grows older, the light will become less bright. This means you may need to replace the lights every two to three years.

  • Maintenance

One of the key reasons why halogen lights are still in use is the simplicity of their structure. Any technician can repair it within a short time.

That’s because the halogen light consists of a simple bulb and a few straightforward wirings. You may need to change the entire wiring system in the worst case, but nothing above that.

On the contrary, LED lights come with a full-on circuit board and semiconductive parts.

If the light is not functioning properly, you may need to check and repair the sophisticated system, which may be time and money-consuming.

  • Cost

From the pricing to the maintenance cost, halogen lights are pretty good at saving your bucks. You can get them at a cheaper rate than LED lights and also repair them at a lower cost than what you need for an LED counterpart.

LED vs Halogen Headlights: Which One Should You Plan to Buy?

So, LED vs. halogen – which one should be your pick? Well, as you can see, the halogen light is a better choice if you have a tight budget and don’t want complications.

It will not give you the great and bright lighting that you wish for, but maintaining and replacing it should be fairly easier.

On the other hand, if you want more than traditional light and want to eliminate the darkness around you, choosing an LED light is the best decision. But do make sure that you have a better budget!

Final Words

Both LED and halogen light comes with pretty exciting features that can help you pierce through the darkness in style. However, from the making to maintaining, these two are completely different and are made for two entirely different consumer segments.

If you want longevity, lower cost, and easy-to-maintain lighting, halogen light is your pick. If you want superb cool lighting with better brightness, you have to reach out for the LED lights.

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