Why Do My LED Lights Flicker and How to Stop it?

Better lighting, better brightness, and better efficiency – these are the prime reasons why car owners are gradually shifting to LED headlights from halogen ones.

Of course, having LED lights as your car headlights offer you excellent visibility, but sometimes it may cause issues, too! For example, LED lights flickering.

This is one of the most common complaints that car owners have that is truly a vital one. You don’t want to be in the middle of the road at night with your headlights flickering like it’s a party over here. It’s painful to the eyes and also quite risky for driving.

So, why does this flickering happen, and what to do to fix it? Let’s find out!

Causes of LED Headlights Flickering

There are a number of reasons that can cause the LED bulbs to flicker. Here are some common ones that you can check yourself.

1. Expired Battery

Similar to many other electric appliances in your car, the headlights are also powered by the battery inside.

If the battery is diming or expiring over time, the headlight’s brightness will also be affected. The battery of a vehicle typically lasts around three to five years. So, you should keep an eye on it if it’s getting weaker.

Solutions: If the battery is dimming or dying, you need to replace it with a new one. It’s best not to go for a repair, as repaired batteries tend to expire even sooner.

2. Alternator Failure

The vehicle’s battery is charged and powered by the alternator. If the alternator is failing for some reason to charge the battery, you will find the battery draining charge pretty quickly. Eventually, the headlight will start to flicker.

Solution: In this case, contact an expert technician and get the alternator checked for any fault. Repair it if necessary.

3. Worn-Out Bulb

Compared to Halogen bulbs, LED lights are not quite durable. LED lights to need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, whereas halogen lights last over 5 years.

So, if the lights are worn out and got old, it’s probably the reason the diodes are flickering.

Solution: The only solution to this is to change and replace the bulbs. Go for new LED bulbs, and you are good to go.

4. Faulty Wiring

If you are in bad luck, you may find the wiring of the bulbs is faulty. The connectors may get melted while being overheated and eventually cost the diode’s life.

However, it’s a far-fetched reason to consider, not alienating one. So, you must consider this, as well.

Solution: Checking the wiring system may need expert hands in it. So, contact an experienced technician to get the wires fixed.

5. Failed Communication

A common issue that is often observed is the failed communication between the electrical system of your LED headlight and the vehicle. This failed connection can cause the light to flicker every now and then.

Solution: There are a few aftermarket parts that can be used to solve this problem. Parts like load resistors, warning cancellers, LED decoders, and anti-flickering adapters.

Load resistor: If you have recently converted from a halogen light to an LED, the power draw is decreased. Load resistor works to manage this reduction in power draw and maintains the balance.

LED decoder: LED decoders are used to store electricity and provide a constant supply of electricity, maintaining a consistent level. This helps the LED lights drag in the required constant power supply and stop flickering.

Anti-flickering Adapter: Although this device is a bit expensive, there’s no harm in using it to mitigate flickering as much as possible.

It reads flickering points and tries to reduce them automatically, providing smooth lighting support.

6. Headlight Switch Issue

And finally, you may need to check if the headlight switch is working correctly on your car. You may discover the fault if any when looking for a failed communication that I mentioned earlier.

Solution: Follow the solutions for the faulty communication for this case, as well.

Final Words

Flickering LED light is pretty risky if you are not paying enough attention. It’s going to cost you quite a lot if it goes unnoticed and unattended.

So, whenever you notice there’s a flickering on the LEDs, try to check for the issues mentioned above. I hope you will definitely be able to look for a quick solution in no time.

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