H8 vs. H11 vs. H9 Led Headlight bulbs – Differences You Need to Know!

It takes a while to notice that the brightness of your car headlight is dimming. Once you notice, going for another traditional headlight won’t be a great replacement. It’s better and more convenient if you are heading for an LED headlight.

Now, it’s easier said than done. There are different kinds of LED headlights that you can use on your car, namely H8, H11, and H9. So, which one do you pick for your vehicle? How exactly are these bulbs different from the other? Well, in this piece, we will be looking at these very types and trying to figure out their respective applications!

What is an H11 Bulb?

H11 LED bulbs are the most common LED lights used in cars. You can easily spot an H11 bulb in most of the cars out there, and it’s pretty mainstream.  These bulbs produce a single beam of light, while most other lights produce dual beams.

So, if you are going to use an H11 bulb for your vehicle, you will need to use a pair of the bulbs just to get the dual-beam support. One bulb will emit a high-beam while the other one will release low-beam light. The total wattage of H11 bulbs is 55W.

What is an H8 Bulb?

H8 bulbs are basically replacements for H11 bulbs. You can easily use H8 and H11 bulbs interchangeably. However, the filament wattage for H8 bulbs is a bit lower, counting up to 35W. Still, as H8 and H11 sockets are pretty much the same, you can easily use both on the same socket.

For H8 LED bulbs, you can also use it for both high and low beam lights, similar to the H11 bulbs. The differences are quite low and can be considered both as same.

What is an H9 Bulb?

H9 bulbs are arguably more powerful and can offer better brightness than H8 or H11. Although it’s a single-beam light, it still can offer the optimum brightness that you need for your everyday ride. Because of their excellent brightness, H9 LED bulbs are now becoming popular day by day among car users.

Apart from the brightness, H9 LED bulbs come with some additional benefits, as well. These bulbs are completely water-resistant. So, you can ride your vehicle with no worries of getting into trouble with a drowned bulb inside.

The best part is, you can adjust the brightness of the beam according to your need. This customization puts H9 bulbs into a better position when it comes to convenience in using. Moreover, the modern versions of H9 LED headlights have a Plug-and-play feature that makes these bulbs super-easy to use.

Difference Between H9, H11, and H8 LED Headlights

Although H11 and H8 are different bulbs, both the bulbs fall into the same category as per the application and use. So, in this section, we will try to map out the key differences between H9 and H11 bulbs.

  • Physical Difference

H8 and H11 bulbs differ quite a lot in the outward structure. The H9 bulb has two lugs that look exactly the same, making it quite easy to set up and use. On the other hand, H8 and H11 bulbs have two lugs that differ from one another and are placed in different directions.

  • Longevity

In case of lasting and longevity, H11 and H8 bulbs outplay H9 by quite a margin. This is the sole reason why most motorcycle and car users prefer H11 bulbs still today when it’s obvious that the H9 provides better brightness.

  • Beam Consideration

Even though you can use the H8 or H11 headlights for both low and high beam lighting, ideally speaking, H11 and H8 bulbs are better off used as low beam lights. On the contrary, H9 bulbs work better if you are using them for high beam light.

What most people try to do is use both H9 and H8/H11 lights at the same time. H9 bulb for high beam part, and H8/H11 for low beam section. This way, both bulbs can offer their true potential, giving you a better lighting experience. 

Final Words

So, that’s how H8 vs. H11 vs. H9 headlight bulbs differ from one another. It’s clear that if you are looking for something that can support your vehicle lighting for a long time, you should definitely pick H11 or H8 bulbs.

However, if you need more brightness, especially for high-beam lighting, the H9 bulb is going to be your best pick, for sure!

Happy lighting!

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