Different Types Of Air Chucks: Learn Before You Get One!

It goes without saying that an air chuck is one of the most vital tools both to a car owner and mechanic. It plays a significant role in controlling the flow of air pressure into and out of the tires, thus making tire inflation easier and secure.

Grasping the increasing importance of the tool, we will be introducing you to different types of air chucks in detail and things related to them.

Air chucks can be vastly different based on the type of tire you are using. Some chucks will have necessary and unique features that are only suited for a particular category of tires.

Stick to us till the end to find the perfect chuck for your car!

What Are The Advantages Of Using Air Chucks? different-types-of-air-chuck

Air chucks are one of those parts of your car that goes unnoticed until something is wrong with it. This section is a small tribute to the chucks that keep our cars running.

Eases Tire InflationEases-Tire-Inflation

No doubt that the first and the foremost job of an air chuck is to inflate a tire.

Here, arises the question – can’t you inflate it without an air chuck? The answer is simply yes but with tons of troubles.

The air chuck getting fit over the stem of the tire valve makes the entire process a breeze for you.

Reduces Air Leak

No matter the type of your chuck, it must have a system to get securely attached to the valve stem. The attachment makes sure that minimal volume or no air is leaked when air flows into the tire.

Adjusts The Air Pressure

As part of basic maintenance, it is your prime duty to supervise and adjust the air pressure of the tires. Your air chuck is an integral part of the method.

What Are The Types Of Air Chucks? air-chucks

There are a number of air chucks available in the market:

  • Open flow
  • Closed flow
  • Clip-on
  • Push-on
  • Screw-on
  • Ball-foot
  • Lock-on

Let’s give you a complete insight into each of them!

Open Flow

As the name suggests, the open flow air chucks let the flow of air pass as long as the compressor is running. You do not need to insert it into any machine to let the airflow out.

Many car users and mechanics love to rate this type as the most innovative and efficient as the chuck functions the best with tank-less compressors. Some of them are even especially mechanized to pair pressure gauges. Open flow is great when you don’t have a valve stem pin.

However, they are just a medium to direct the air to a particular point. You cannot control or measure the flow of air here.

Closed Flow

The closed flow air chuck doesn’t let any air out until it is inserted into an airline. This gives you more control over the airflow. Closed flow design takes pride in being used with the most number of air chucks.

Unlike the open flow chucks, closed flow performs the best with the air compressors featuring tanks. Again, the chucks don’t allow the air to flow until you press or lock it onto the valve’s stem. That’s why you will always need a valve stem pin in the airline system.


While using a clip-on air chuck, you need to push the chuck down onto the stem of the valve to let the airflow. The design includes a clip that attaches the chuck to the valve stem securely. This can be either open or closed type.


With a push-on air chuck, you need to press the chuck into the tire’s valve directly as soon as it gets secured to the gauge. It is the most secure while maintaining the ease of function.

They generally have sleeves that need to be pulled out before insertion. That’s why they are also called pull-on air chucks.

Lock-onlock-on air chuck

A lock-on air chuck is almost a replica of the push-on. It does the same thing in the same way as a push-on chuck does.

A built-in lever makes the only difference between the two in the lock-on chuck. As you work, flip the lever to secure the chuck in place. This makes the chuck more secure and easy to work with if you are dealing with large tires.

Screw-onScrew-on air chucks

You might have already guessed why it is named screw on. It requires you to screw it onto the stem of the valve that undoubtedly creates a tough seal, yet it’s not as reliable as that of the clip-on.

In comparison with clip-on and push-on air chucks, a screw-on chuck is a bit troublesome. But if you want better security, this is surely the one to get. That’s why in some industries, it is always the got to option.

Ball Foot

When every other air chuck fails to reach the stems of the valve, the ball foot can come to your help with its easy to hold figure. The chuck features a smart design that is very convenient, especially when doing a tire restoration.

This has a ball like head inside which you will find a pin that is used to release the air pressure from the pipe. Ball foots generally have some kind of locking system.

Final Words 

In short, different types of air chucks function and uniquely meet the purpose. Therefore, it’s never wise for you to have one randomly.

Instead, invest some time and patience to understand your needs first. Besides, don’t be forgetful of the recommended criteria before picking one and taking it to home or garage.

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