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Best Wheel Balancer: Buying Guide in 2022

So, you are tired of turning your customers away who need a wheel balancing? Yeah, we can feel it as that’s the issue most service centers face, and had it not been the case of the lack of the best wheel balancer, you could have served the customers in a better way.

Relying on a great quality wheel balancer is one of the key performance indicators of your business, isn’t it? However, finding and investing in one is quite a daunting task nowadays, and numerous brands are producing wheel balancers every other day!

That’s why we have put together 5 of the best balancers that you can invest in right now! Let’s find out!

What Is A Wheel Balancer?What Is A Wheel Balancer

Wheel balancing is also known as tire balancing. This is a process of balancing the weight of the tire and wheel assembly of your vehicle so that the vehicle can ride smoothly on the road at high speed.

To be specific, wheels and tires are never be of equal weight every time. The valve stem hole of the wheel will cost some weight from the side of the wheel. This causes the imbalance of the wheel. A wheel balancer works on equalizing the weight and balancing the weight of the wheels.

Top 5 Best Wheel Balancer ReviewTop-5-Best-Wheel-Balancer-Review

To our utter surprise, there aren’t many high-quality products in the market when it comes to wheel balancing. Still, we did our best research and dug out some of the most promising machines that offer optimum wheel balancing services. Here are our top 5 picks that you can try out blindfolded!

1. Mayflower – 1.5 HP Tire Changer Wheel Changers Machine Balancer Rim Clamp Combo

Our first pick comes from the famous brand – Mayflower. The 1.5 HP tire changer is one of the flagship products from the makers that hit the market some while ago. As per users’ opinions from online marketplaces, it’s definitely a proper product that offers value for money.

Starting with the design, the machine is not something huge. It won’t grab a chunk of space in your garage, and you will be comfortable using it for any type of tire. You can use any dolly to move it around if needed pretty conveniently. That being said, the balancer comes with a full 1-year warranty, which says a lot about it.

The machine operates within the pressure range of 120 to 145 PSI. This translates into 8 to 10 Bar. Moreover, the power requirement is 110V only, which makes it a home-environment-friendly device. You will be able to use it with the residential power output without any hassle.

Its rim clamping choice is 10 to 18 inches outside and 12 to 21 inches inside. That pretty much covers most of the tires in the market, from regular cars to mini trucks. So, no matter which model of car or vehicle you have, this can be used for any tire you put inside it. Not to mention, any tire that comes with a maximum wheel diameter of 1117 mm and a maximum weight of 155 lbs is going to fit this machine.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a maximum rim clamping capacity of 10 to 18 inches outside
  • The inside rim capacity is 12 to 21 inches
  • It comes with no bead blaster
  • Allows maximum tire diameter of 900 mm
  • The maximum weight capacity is 155 lbs.
  • It runs on 110-volt output

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2. FreeTec Heavy Duty Portable Hubs Wheel Balancer

Those of you who don’t want to invest in large wheel balancer devices, we’ve got good news for you people. Introducing the FreeTec heavy-duty portable hubs wheel balancer that will serve your needs perfectly without costing you a lot of space.

Yes, this 12-lbs device is pretty compact and works pretty much well for any wheel balancing job. If you are looking for the best wheel balancing machine, you may not need to look elsewhere!

Being compact is a blessing without a doubt, as you can take it with you wherever you are going. So, just putting it on the back of your vehicle is quite the reality. It’s definitely portable and very easy to use. You can balance any wheel from any car and light truck, that’s for sure. The balancer works with wheels from 1-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter.

The best part is the balancer is made from high-grade aluminum materials. What that means is it’s not fragile in any sense. You can rely on the longevity for quite a long time without thinking about replacing it. Moreover, the aluminum used here comes with an enamel finish that prevents the formation of rust that safeguards the device from getting damaged anytime soon.

You can’t help but notice the fact that the balancer offers a bull’s eye-level accommodation that suits most tires and wheels. The base diameter of the machine is measured as 11.5 inches, and the center rod diameter is 0.813-inch. Additionally, you get a hub diameter of 1.495 inches which makes it pretty compact and easy to access.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design and portable features make it a handy tool
  • It can be carried around in the truck or car
  • Made from high-grade aluminum for strength and longevity
  • The rust-proof design makes it safe from corrosion and rust
  • Can balance wheels from 1-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter
  • The lightweight device weighs just about 11 lbs.

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3. CHIEN RONG 1.5 HP Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo

Our third pick for the best wheel balancer is the Chien Rong 1.5 HP tire changer and wheel balancer combo. As you can tell, it’s a combination of a tire changer and a wheel balancer. So, if you are looking for a tire changer, as well, then going for this combo can save you some bucks, for sure.

Interestingly, although it’s a dual-purpose machine, it doesn’t cost much higher than usual balancing devices in the market. This could be a good chance to own both machines at a lower cost. Plus, the weight of the device is also pretty much the same, as compared to regular wheel balancers, so you don’t need to sacrifice your efforts in moving it, too.

Not to mention, the size of the machine is also not something that needs you to let go of a lot of space in your garage.

The device operates on a pressure range of 120 to 145 PSI, which equals 8 to 10 Bar. This is definitely something that works for most tires and wheels in the market. Be it a car or a light truck, it should be the go-to machine for balancing wheels.

It supports a rim diameter ranging from 10 to 24 inches and 1.5 to 2 inches of rim width. The maximum wheel diameter it can work with is 44 inches. That, too, with weight up to 155 lbs. That’s also pretty neat!

The best part is the machine can be run with a 110V power output which means you don’t need to be working in commercial areas. This device will easily suit your home garage’s electric output.

Highlighted Features

  • The device comes with a bead break force of 5600 lbs. pneumatic piston
  • It runs on 110V power output
  • The balancer comes with rim diameter support ranging from 10 to 24 inches
  • It accommodates rim width from 1.5 to 2 inches
  • It’s a combination of tire changer and balancer
  • It supports the maximum weight of 155 lbs.

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4. Portable Bubble Wheel Balancer Bullseye Level

Looking for the best wheel balancer for home use? Well, we have got the exact choice you need! Say hello to the Portable bubble wheel balancer bullseye level! Remember the FreeTec portable wheel balancer that we have reviewed earlier? If you had liked that, you will definitely love this one!

Let’s give you some proper reasons! Of course, as you can tell, the machine is a portable one. You can easily carry it around wherever you go. Although it’s slightly a bit heavier than the FreeTec portable wheel balancer, it won’t be dragging any trouble with it.

You can easily put it in the back of your car or truck bed. Move around with it, and if there’s any balancing issue that appears in your wheels, just fix it then and there!

It is made from top-quality, high-grade aluminum from top to bottom. That means you don’t need to worry at all about the quality and strength of the machine. It’s going to support you for a long time, and nothing’s going to break it down unless you are putting much pressure on it.

On top of that, the aluminum here comes with a proper finishing of enamel that ensures that there’s not going to be any rust attack on it. So, even if you are using it in a ‘not so dry’ area, it’s not going to get rusty pretty soon!

The device can easily balance wheels at a range of 1-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter. It’s definitely going to suit most wheels used in common cars and light trucks nowadays. Moreover, its self-aligning, spring-loaded cone rods make the balancing work pretty much enjoyable!

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and compact balancing device
  • It comes with a self-aligning and spring-loaded cone
  • Rust-proof high-grade aluminum construction
  • The portable device can be easily carried in the vehicle
  • It can simply balance wheels ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches in diameter

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5. Nationwide NW-530 Tire Changer and NW-953 Wheel Balancer Combo

We drag the shutter down for our wheel balancer reviews with another wheel balancer and tire-changing combo! This time, we have the famous brand Nationwide on our list! The package comes with the NW-530 wheel changer, and the NW-953 and tire balancer are the combos. If you are looking to save some bucks and get two machines at the same time, look no further!

Although there are two different machines in the package, you don’t need to arrange a large chunk of an area in your garage. You can simply place them in the corner of the garage with no space wasted.

The tire balancer here has a swing arm style that can be used manually to mount the wheels and unmount them at the same time. It’s pretty easy to use for its straightforward user interface. You don’t need to spend much time learning the operations.

It’s a self-calibrating, self-diagnosing machine that can be programmed as per your need. There are multiple operating programs that solve a lot of your balancing issues pretty well. It has three centering cones for easy placement of the wheels, which ensures smooth balancing of the wheels.

The balancer works on most wheels in the market, so you don’t need to worry about its compatibility. No matter what car and truck you own, it’s going to suit the wheels perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s a stunning combo of both tire changer and wheel balancer
  • The balancer is a self-calibrating and self-diagnosing machine
  • It supports most of the wheels in the market
  • The balancer comes with a spend nut, a hood, and a hammer
  • There are multiple accessories that are found in the package

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Things to Consider Before Buying Wheel BalancerWheel Balancer

So, you are up for the Best wheel balancer? Well, obviously, you can pick any of the machines that we have reviewed here today, but before selecting one for the final time, here are some of the issues that you need to keep in mind.

User InterfaceUser Interface of Wheel Balancer

As we have discussed earlier, it’s imperative that the user interface of the balancer should be pretty straightforward and simple. You won’t be able to make the most out of it or even use it properly if the learning curve is not straight. So, make sure that the UI for the machine is simple to learn and use.

Center AccuracyCenter Accuracy of Wheel Balancer

One of the major reasons behind the imbalance in the wheels is wrongly centering the wheels. So, you must ensure that the balancer can quickly and accurately identify if the wheel is centered properly or not.

Weight ManagementWeight Management of Wheel Balancer

Even if the balancer can take care of a wide range of wheel sizes, the weight, on the other hand, is a challenging one. Not all balancers can carry heavyweight wheels. So, check the maximum weight capacity of the balancer before you pick one.

Build QualityBuild Quality of Wheel Balancer

Not so surprisingly, you need to check the build quality of the machine. Consider going for the one that’s made from high-end aluminium that will give you much more leverage than the others in the market. Plus, you will get long-term support from it, too.

Handy or Large?Handy or Large Wheel Balancer

Lastly, you need to decide for yourself what type of wheel balancer you need. Are you looking for something that you can place in your garage and use as a fixed item? Or do you need something handy and portable? Luckily, you’ve got options for both and can go for either one.

How Does A Wheel Balancer Work?How Does A Wheel Balancer Work

Although there are multiple types of wheel balancing available in the market, the most commonly used balancing technique is dynamic high-speed spin balancing. Here’s how it works.

The tire and the wheel combination are rested on the balancing area with the help of a set of cups. These cups help to centre the hub and to lock the handle. Then you need to enter the diameter and width of the rim to offset the side of the device. After that, you need to start the machine.

This will spin the machine at a high speed of around 60 MPH. There is a shaft that will calibrate and works by running into the device’s balancing area. The machine then detects the deflated area and the spots that need balancing. Then it puts the necessary weights to the required area and eventually balances the wheel.

How Can I Balance My Wheels At Home?How Can I Balance My Wheels At Home

You can easily balance the wheels of your vehicle at your home by using a simple portable wheel balancing machine or a basic dynamic wheel balancing machine. You can easily pick up one of the machines that we have reviewed here today and get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the two kinds of wheel balancing – which is best?

Ans. The two most used wheel balancing techniques are static balancing and dynamic balancing. Between these two, dynamic balancing is the most modern and useful one.

Q2. At what speed are tires balanced?
Usually, the speed used is around 60 to 75 MPH.

Q3. Which is better – wheel alignment or wheel balancing?
Ans. Wheel balancing is better than while alignment, as it smoothens the ride even in a better way.

Final Words

Picking up the best wheel balancer is never an easy task. It’s a huge investment and needs proper research and analysis before you put your money into it. So, before you go for one, make sure you are going through the issues that we have mentioned in our buying guide!

This will definitely help you reach a better and more accurate decision. Plus, you can always find your best choice from the list that we have put down above! Trust us; you won’t regret picking up any of the above-mentioned balancers!

Good luck!

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