Best Transmission Jack: Reviews and Guide [Top 10 Picks]

The work of removing an existing transmission and installing a new one is not easy without employing the best tools. Transmission jacks are the tools best suited for such tasks. However, with the market saturation of these tools, choosing the best fit becomes somehow challenging. What is the best transmission jack worthy to purchase?

Herein, we shall provide you a hint of the top ten transmission jacks worthy the value. Experts have tested them and ascertained they do a perfect job in removing and installing new transmission jacks. Also, we shall provide buyers a few factors they should employ to narrow down the hectic selection process.

Best Transmission Jack for the Money

Transmission jacks get positioned under vehicles to lift them to accomplish removing and installing new ones. However, the work becomes easy if only you employ the best high lift transmission jack to accomplish the task. Below are the top ten models you should consider if you need to experience easy removing and installing new transmissions.

1. Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission...
  • Foot activated pump pedal for hands free raising of the rams
  • Extended to reach a maximum height of 74 inches
  • Lowered telescopic rams enable the transmission to be...
  • Nylon strap tie down secures the load to the saddle
  • Overload valve prevents jack from being used beyond its...

For several years, Sunex transmission jacks have remained the people’s choice due to their excellent quality, durability, and performance. Adjusting the jacks to different levels is one thing in which the Sunex models show some uniqueness. Unlike other transmission jacks, positioning, raising, and lowering these models is hassle-free. Sunex transmission jacks boast foot-activated pump pedals for users to adjust them with ease.

If you need to shift the transmission jack to different stations, this is nothing to worry about. Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jacks can extend to a maximum height of 74 inches. Such a height is sufficient for users to transfer the transmission to different positions. Moreover, the Sunex transmission jacks boast lowered telescopic rams for easy transfer of the transmission from the jack to your work table.

Consequently, the Sunex transmission jacks boast nylon straps that prevent slipping of the load by holding it tightly into place. That’s not all, they have four ratchet arms to enable users to adjust configurations easily while working. Nevertheless, manufacturers include overload valves to prevent cases of using them beyond the stated capacities. Try the Sunex transmission jacks and share your experience with other prospects.


  • They are sturdy
  • Excellent customer support
  • Durable models
  • Easy to use


  • Quite expensive
  • Fails faster

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2. BIG RED TR4076 Torin Hydraulic Roll-Under Transmission Service/Floor Jack

BIG RED TR4076 Torin Hydraulic Roll-Under...
  • Transmission jack is ideal for everyday garage service as...
  • Lifting range from 8-11/16" to 22-11/16" and a 1/2 ton...
  • Features a 360-degree rotating handle and an adjustable head...
  • Universal mounting head with a wide forward and aft tilt,...
  • Equipped with (4) 360-degree swivel casters, delivering...

When you go purchasing a floor transmission jack, it’s important to determine the kind of tasks you intend to do. There are models suited for home garage services and others are best for industrial use. However, you can avoid spending money getting separate transmission jacks for these tasks. BIG RED TR4076 Torin models make the perfect solutions, for home garage services and industrial tasks.

Boasting load capacities of 1000 lb, manufacturers construct these models using high-grade steel for ultra-durability. Manufacturers design them with powder-coated finishes, preventing them from rusting when used in harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, these transmission jacks boast 360 degrees rotating handles to enable users to position them wherever they need. That’s not all, they extend up to 22-11/16 inches for users to have sufficient space to remove and install transmissions.

Like their counterparts above, these models feature safety-overload systems to prevent users from exceeding specified manufactures capacities. Consequently, they include four 360 degrees rotating swivel casters to ease mobility while using them. Nevertheless, positioning BIG RED TR4076 transmission jacks for use is hassle-free. They have universal mounting heads to enable users to tilt them forward and backward with ease.


  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • Fast shipping
  • Good price
  • Ultra-durable models


  • Poor quality angle adjusters
  • Can’t hold pressure after 1 use

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3. OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift...
  • The 8-1/4 inch low height is perfect for aerodynamic trucks...
  • Swiveling pump handle permits ease of operation in...
  • Features a fast-acting pump that quickly raises the lifting...
  • Special mounting adapter fits popular Eaton Fuller...
  • Min. height - 8-1/4 in., max. height - 36-1/2 in., max....

Load capacity is an important factor to consider when purchasing a high lift transmission jack that works perfectly for you. While most models can hold 1000 lb. capacity, the OTC 5019A transmission jacks have super passed this capacity. With 2200 lb. load-supporting capacities, these models make the perfect heavy duty transmission jack for trucks and buses.

You need not worry about working in restricted spaces and low-ground clearance vehicles. Boasting 8-1/4 inch low heights, these models make the perfect solutions for all low ground clearance aerodynamic trucks. Moreover, the swiveling pump handles enable users to work on hard-to-reach spaces with ease.  They can extend to a maximum height of 36-1/2 inches, thereby offering workers sufficient space to remove and install transmissions.

Like other premium models, OTC 5019A transmission jacks boast fast-acting pumps for easy lifting of the arms. The mounting plates can rotate in all directions to allow users to position the device in the best place to work from. Nevertheless, the transmission jack adapter fit the Eaton fuller RoadRanger transmission employed in all heavy-duty class 7 and 8 trucks.


  • Very handy construction
  • Ultra-durable models
  • Supports excellent weight
  • Very sturdy


  • Not safe to use,
  • Hard to use

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4. Honhill 2 Stage 1100lbs Telescopic Transmission Jack

Honhill 2 Stage 1100lbs Telescopic...
  • STRONG LOADING: Transmission jack holds up to 1100 lbs/ 0.5T...
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Floor jack can be used in many places,...
  • EASY TO MOVE: 4 cast iron swivel casters and a auxiliary...
  • PRECISE POSITIONING: An adjustable tray and the pedal type...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Strong steel construction for maximum...

Purchasing transmission jacks that serve a wide variety of applications can save you from spending money on getting separate models. Honhill 2 stage transmission jack takes a slot here due to their capability to handle a variety of applications. Manufacturers design them best fit in many places including auto repair stations and car gearbox. You can also employ these transmission jacks on objects weighing 500 KG and below.

Another thing that makes these transmission jacks the people’s choice is their great load-supporting capacities. Being premium models in the market, Honhill 2 Stage Telescopic Transmission Jacks can hold a weight of up to 1100 lbs. That’s not all, these models boast an extensive range of between 34 and 68 inches. Such excellent extension creates sufficient space for easy removal and installing transmissions.

Consequently, lifting and moving Honhill 2 Stage 1100lbs Telescopic Transmission Jacks is nothing to worry about. Manufacturers include four casts iron swivel casters for easy mobility. Honhill 2 Stage Transmission Jacks also feature auxiliary pulling rings to enable users to lift them with ease to different points.

Furthermore, positioning these transmission jacks is another thing the manufacturer considers when designing them. They boast adjustable trays to enable users to align transmissions precisely and with ease. Nevertheless, these are the most durable transmission jacks currently in the market as they boast paint-coated surfaces to prevent rusting from taking place. Manufacturers design them with quality steel material for maximum durability.


  • Excellent load holding capacity
  • Sturdy models
  • Easy to use
  • Good price


  • Others arrive defective
  • Poor quality models

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5. 450 lb. Capacity Differential Transmission Jack Low Profile Lift Max 23-1/4”

450 lb. Capacity Differential Transmission...
  • Differential transmission jack; Capacity: 450 lbs;Saddle...
  • Maximum lift height (inches): 23-1/4''; Minimum lift height...
  • Saddle tilts for easy positioning; Contoured cradle size:...
  • Caster wheels size (diameter): 3''; 43''Long nylon safety...
  • Quantity: 1; Unit weight: 41 lbs; Overall dimension: 17''L x...

Before purchasing a transmission jack, it’s important to understand where you intend to use the device. People who are after finding a jack for industrial use should consider those that support large amounts of weight.

Home garage services entail the handling of low-weight objects, and you can accomplish these using models that support low weights. 450 lb. Capacity Differential Transmission Jacks make the best solutions for low-weight vehicles and objects in home garages.

Like other market models, positioning the 450 lb. Capacity Differential Transmission Jacks are easy and hassle-free. They boast saddles that tilt forward to enable users to position them in their best working angles. That’s not all, most people love them due to the excellent lift heights. Boasting minimum lift heights of 7-1/4” and a maximum of 23-1/4”, this is enough space for removing and installing transmissions.

450 lb. Capacity Differential Transmission Jack users should never worry about the load stripping off while working. These models boast nylon straps that hold the load tightly into place to prevent them from slipping off.  Nevertheless, they boast caster wheels that enable users to shift them to different places.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses
  • Ultra-durable
  • Great for limited space


  • Poor packaging
  • Missing parts

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6. HTTMT- 34″ To 73″ Professional Dual Spring Hydraulic Transmission Jack

HTTMT- 34" To 73" Professional Dual Spring...
  • Brand:HTTMT
  • Version 2.0, functional upgraded with dual spring, higher...
  • This is our newest 1300LBS / 0.6T Upgraded Hydraulic...
  • Load Capacity: 1300Lbs / 0.6 Ton
  • Lift Range: 34"(870mm) ~ 73"(1860mm)

Most people today run for new things since they believe they offer excellent results. The reason behind their excellent performance is due to the excellent value-added features they boast. HTTMT transmission jack forms part of the new brands in the market with new additions to provide users exceptional results. Also, like the OTC transmission jack models in the market, these models boast swivel casters for easy transfer to different places.

Like other hydraulic transmission jack models in the market, these models are more stable and can hold substantial load capacities. With 1300 lbs. load capacity, HTTMT- 34″ To 73″ Professional transmission jacks boast adjustable saddles for easy and hassle-free positioning. As newer models in the market, they boast foot-operated pumps to enable users to adjust lift heights with ease.

Consequently, HTTMT- 34″ To 73″ Professional transmission jacks are excellent solutions to a wide variety of vehicle transmissions. With lifting ranges of between 34 and 73 inches, HTTMT models form excellent solutions to all automotive and light trucks. That’s not all, HTTMT transmission jacks’ dual springs ensure faster lifting of loads to provide sufficient working space.


  • Sturdy models
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-durable transmission jacks
  • Excellent performers


  • Short safety chains
  • Missing bolts

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7. Gray HTJ-1000 Hi-Rise Transmission Jack, 1000 Lb.

Gray HTJ-1000 Hi-Rise Transmission Jack, 1000...
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: GRAY

A sign of quality is an assurance of getting a long-term service from your device of choice. When we talk about quality construction, no model in the market beats the Gray HTJ-1000 Hi-Rise Transmission Jacks. Made in the USA, these models undergo extensive inspection during the construction process to ensure they provide long-term services.

Their load capacities are also worth it, especially to those who intend to use them in home garages. With 1000 lbs. load capacities, these models make the perfect options for all automotive as well as trucks. That’s not all, their lifting range also adds up to why people prefer them over others. Gray HTJ-1000 Hi-Rise Transmission Jacks boasting a lifting range of between 34-1/2 and 72 inches.


  • Excellent performers
  • Great price
  • Ultra-durable models
  • Easy to use


  • Fails faster
  • Can’t support Camry transmissions

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8. Strongway 1/2-Ton 2-Stage Telescoping Transmission Jack

Strongway 1/2-Ton Hydraulic Transmission Jack
  • Durable frame is constructed of high-grade steel and built...
  •  Lead-free paint finish is applied after a thorough...
  • Paint is oil, grease and dirt-resistant for easy cleanup
  • High quality large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit...
  • Piston-ram is treated and polished to resist skiving

We are almost done, however, we can’t review a complete copy without providing Strongway Telescoping Transmission Jacks a slot. These models are not only excellent performers but also true representations of quality and ultra-durable models in the market. Strongway Transmission Jacks boast high-quality steel-made frames for added durability.

After the construction of the transmission jacks, manufacturers pass them through a thorough chemical wash. Then, they apply lead-free paint to prevent them from rusting when used in harsh weather. Unlike the low lift transmission jack, manufacturers polish the Strongway piston rams to prevent skiving possibilities.

That’s not all, moving the load up is hassle-free and something of few seconds. Strongway Transmission Jacks boast large diameter hydraulic steel units that require minimal pressure to lift loads. Low oil pressure usage reduces chances of wear to enable them to provide long-term services.


  • Sturdy models
  • Ultra-durable transmission jacks
  • Excellent performers
  • Easy to use


  • Poor customer service
  • Missing parts

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9. OTC 1522A Stinger 2,000 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty, Low-Lift Transmission Jack

OTC 1522A Stinger 2,000 lb. Capacity...
  • OTC's rugged, stable, 2,000 lb. capacity transmission jack...
  • Low profile design gets under the lowest clearance trucks...
  • Built in safety overload feature prevents using the jack...
  • Features a pump handle that conveniently rotates a full 360...
  • Min. height - 6-7/8 in., max. height - 35-1/4 in., max....

Lastly, we have the OTC 1522A Stinger transmission jacks having a slot in this review due to their excellent performance. We loved them due to their capability in handling both light and heavy transmissions. U OTC 1522A transmission jacks are perfect options for heavy transmissions like those employed in class 7 and 8 tracks. Customers won’t have any difficulties installing and operating them since they come with all accessories including adapters.

Moreover, most people love them due to their excellent duty in repairing clutch work. Boasting low-profile designs, OTC 1522A Stinger transmission jacks make the perfect solutions even for the lowest clearance trucks. Another thing that makes these models the choice to many people is their excellent lifting ranges. OTC 1522A Stinger transmission jacks boast 6-7/8 inches minimum range and a maximum of 35-1/4 inches.

Consequently, their safety features are what have made their devices of value to many people all over. They boast overload features to prevent users to go past the manufacturers’ recommended load capacity. Nevertheless, they boast the safety bypass feature to prevent hydraulic cylinders from alfl forms of damage.

Like the snap on transmission jack models, positioning the OTC 1522A Stinger transmission jacks is simple and quick. They have ball-bearing swivel casters that enable users to position them with ease. Furthermore, these models feature 360 degrees rotating pump handles to enable users to employ them in any position.


  • Fast shipping
  • Excellent performers
  • Easy to use
  • Simple positioning


  • Not quality
  • Poor packaging

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10. JEGS Low Profile Transmission Jack

JEGS Low Profile Transmission Floor Jack -...
  • Low profile car jack design allows for lift range from 8.5...
  • 1000 LBS capacity to help remove and install most...
  • Versatile saddle design allows for total adjustments in...
  • Four swivel ball-bearing casters allowing for a portable...
  • Yellow steel frame with JEGS logo for great looks and long...

Next in our review are the JEGS Low Profile Transmission Jacks that have proved to work beyond people’s expectations. These transmission jacks are true representations of quality in the market. With low-profile designs, these transmission jacks boast lift ranges of up to 23 inches. Such a height is sufficient for shifting transmissions to different positions.

Different market models boast varied LBS capacities they can sustain. JEGS Low Profile Transmission Jacks get designed to sustain workloads of up to 1000 LBS. Such holding capacity is sufficient to remove and install different transmissions at the garage. They make the perfect transmission jacks, even for the low clearance vehicles that are hard to work on.

Consequently, JEGS Low Profile Transmission Jacks takes a slot in the list of durable models we have around. The yellow steel frames on them are a sign of quality and ultra-durability. That’s not all, these models boast adjustable saddles to enable users to position them in all angles. Nevertheless, their swivel ball-bearing casters ensure easy mobility of the transmission jack.


  • Durable models
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy
  • Good price


  • Wobbly base
  • Poor quality control

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Factors to Consider when Purchasing Transmission Jacks

Just like purchasing other devices and items, buyers should research transmission jacks before they decide what to take.

In the research process, there are factors one should have in mind to narrow down the hectic selection process. This will enable you to shop for a product that fits your needs. Below are four factors experts recommend worthy consideration when purchasing the best transmission jack for the money.

Construction Quality

The transmission jack you purchase should remain in the best original state to provide services for an extended period. By this, you need to purchase a model constructed from quality material and expertise.

If you intend to purchase options that can support heavy-duty loads, then you need sturdy build transmission jacks. Such options can tolerate both low and high loads at home and in industries.

Apart from this, you need to check the enameling of your transmission jack. Choose models whose construction materials are corrosion-free. The expertise employed to construct the transmission jack also determines the period to expect a service from your device. Check carefully different models before you settle on the perfect fit.

Weight Capacity

After looking at the quality of the heavy-duty high-lift transmission jack you intend to purchase, determine the amount of load they can support. When you go purchasing transmission jacks, you will find some models supporting low loads and others high.

What you purchase will go hand in hand with where you intend to use the transmission jack. Here, the load you intend to lift using the jack will state the option to purchase.

We have transmission jacks supporting loads as low as 500 lbs. and others high as 2000 lbs. If you intend to purchase a transmission for home garage services, then 1000 lbs. supporting models make the perfect option. Those who need devices for industrial use or rigorous projects should consider models supporting up to 2000 lbs. weight. Choose wisely to avoid purchasing separate models to take on other projects.


The features a transmission jack boast determine the kind of experience you should expect from the model. Features also determine how easy, safe, and faster the transmission jacks will help to carry out set tasks. For instance, it’s important to consider models boasting foot pumps and lowering pedals for easy positioning of the transmission jack.

Moreover, transmission jacks boasting swiveling casters are easy to move around while using them. Also, transmission jacks with wide-leg bases make the perfect options since they promise optimum stability throughout the working process.

That’s not all, safety is paramount when using transmission jacks, whether at home or in big industries. In that regard, it’s important to consider models with nylon straps that hold the load firms to the lifting saddle.

Advantages of Transmission Jacks

While the review has touched on the functions of transmission jacks, that’s not enough for buyers to purchase these devices. Having an idea of their benefits can add weight as to why they make handy devices at home and even at workplaces. Below are a handful of advantages transmission jacks boast.

Easy to Use

Raising and lowering vehicles to accomplish mechanical repairs underneath is not an easy task. Transmission jacks chip in as handy tools you can employ to accomplish such tasks with ease. These tools employ mechanic hydraulic fluids to lift and lower cars to enable mechanics to accomplish repairs with ease.


Take an example, you packed your vehicle, and when back, you find it has developed a mechanical problem.

This can either be a flat tire or something else that hinders you from proceeding with your journey. In such cases, you don’t have to call a mammoth to help you raise the car to repair it. Get a transmission jack and you are sorted to accomplish any repair you’ll need.

Use of Technology

As we are in the era of technology, everything done and designed is perfected to leverage the fruits of technology.

Life is now easy since you don’t have to request more manpower to accomplish projects. Transmission jacks can raise a heavy vehicle for mechanics to accomplish repairs where possible. Something in the past that required a dozen men to accomplish.


Transmission jacks are must-have tools by any mechanic who need to do repair and maintenance of vehicles with ease. Having your transmission jack will prevent you from incurring the expenses of regular hiring of these devices from contractors.

However, since there is a market saturation for these devices, newbies might find it hectic to select the perfect option.

Our review has provided prospective buyers a hint of the best transmission jack to give a try. They have undergone rigorous testing and ascertained they are worth the value. Nevertheless, the shopping guide narrows down the entire selecting process. Incorporate the ideas in this review to make an amicable decision when purchasing a device that fits your needs.

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