Best Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler: Reviews in 2022

Do you ever feel constrained in a hard top Jeep Wrangler? Or, do you love the classic look of a soft top Jeep Wrangler? Whatever the answer is, a soft top will elevate the rusticity of your Jeep and let you ride in style.

While soft tops can be intriguing, choosing the right soft top for your Jeep model can be difficult. That’s why we reviewed some popular soft tops to help you choose the best soft top for Jeep Wrangler.

Take a moment to go through the features and benefits of these soft tops and find out what suits your Jeep the best.

Reviews of the Best Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler

Here are the soft tops we have chosen for Jeep Wrangler. Take a closer look at them to see what they have to offer.

1. Bestop Black Diamond Trektop NX Glide Convertible Soft Top

Bestop 54923-35 Black Diamond Trektop NX...
  • The Trektop glide is the only fully retracting, fast back...
  • The innovative design lets the Trektop glide function like a...
  • Patented sun rider flip back panel above front seats is like...
  • Zipper less side and rear panels allow for easy removal and...
  • Includes all the soft top fabric, side and rear windows...

Looking for a way to make your car ride more enjoyable? Check out the Trektop glide. This innovative design lets you enjoy an open-air experience without having any worries about sun damage or interior protection with this soft top!

Bestop is proud to present the new and improved Trektop NX Glide. It features a reinforced roof with convenient access for ventilation, as well as an open design that both keeps you cool on hot days or warm in winter months!

It can be quickly pulled back into place when not needed, providing full coverage on both sides of your vehicle’s rear seat area. The innovative design of the Trektop glide means that it can be folded up to resemble a conventional roof, and is perfect for those who want full coverage when they’re not driving.

This fast-back soft top offers an open-air ride without compromising speed or ease of use with its unique slant style.

Moreover, these best soft tops for jeep wrangler include all the fabric and parts you need to make your custom-fit, easy installation. Zipper-less side and rear windows allow these tops to be removed without any tools needed!

Trektop NX Glide is a soft top for Jeep Wranglers that have a new folding frame design. When you want open-air riding, it folds up behind your rear seat and gives total coverage. If there’s too much sun or not enough windy conditions outside then just pull forward so all windows are uncovered!

The new soft top for jeeps is the perfect way to enjoy open-air driving and it comes with a sunroof! It’s made of high-strength steel, an engineered thermoplastic polymer. It’s got a mesh pocket above the head, so it is perfect to store items. Plus, this zippered pockets on this sun rider panel provide easy access when needed.

Highlighted Features

  • For easy installation, there is no zipper at the Window
  • The frame is foldable designed
  • DOT approves for safety
  • Sunroof built with strong steel and heavy-duty polymer
  • Zipper mesh pocket at up to keep your gear close by

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2. Sierra Off-road Soft Top Replacement for Jeep Wrangler

Sierra Offroad Replacement Soft Top, fits...
  • FACTORY QUALITY - At Sierra Offroad, we pride ourselves on...
  • UV RESISTANT VINYL - Our Jeep Wrangler TJ soft top features...
  • WATER & LEAK RESISTANT - Woven, 2-ply vinyl composite is...
  • EASY OPEN WINDOWS - Sierra Offroad replacement TJ soft stops...
  • 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Rest easy after purchasing...

The best way to have a great time on the open road is with an off-road Soft Top from Sierra. These top-quality tops are made of durable fabrics and ensure smooth driving, even if you live in an area that has rough terrain or unpredictable weather patterns!

Moreover, the fabrics used will ensure you have an excellent driving experience and make sure that everything about this product performs at its best potential!

The zipper is an essential useful material used in the soft top. And the quality of this Sierra Jeep’s zippers needs to be the high end since they improve not only its condition but also ensure a proper fit and longest life for them as well!

All seams are heat-sealed with these heavy-duty self-correcting fasteners so that you never have leaks when it rains or snow falls heavily on your roof during winter months.

SIERRA Offroad Tops is the most sought-after product in aftermarket parts for Wrangler owners. Combining high quality with a great fit, this best jeep soft top is easy to see why these tops are so popular among enthusiasts who want something custom and unique!

In contrast to other soft tops, the Sierra Offroad Soft Top for jeep wrangler has been carefully designed and built with your needs in mind. The upper part of this top is integrated with our frame so all you have left are those pesky side panels that won’t go on any easier than before!

Precisely, the most common attributes found within correspondence design correspond directly back from factory products. And that makes it just standard equipment when ordering off-the-shelf items like these types of roofs do come equipped with readymade complete kits.

Highlighted Features

  • Built with heavy-duty marine-grade materials
  • The zippers are self-correcting for easy installation
  • Stitching holes are perfectly covered
  • There is no leak due to heat-seal seams
  • UV resistant polyester included

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3. Smittybilt 9070235 Black Diamond Replacement Top

Smittybilt 9070235 Black Diamond Replacement...
  • Complete OE replacement top
  • Black diamond fabric. The Side windows and rear window will...
  • 2007 to 2009 JK 2 Door Models
  • Seams are heat sealed to prevent leaking
  • Wick stop threads seals the stitch holes

If you need a replacement for your soft top, then Smittybilt’s Black diamond is an excellent choice. The quality control in this industry makes it possible to ensure that every product has undergone rigorous testing and strict standards before being released on the market.

The fabric of the Smittybilt soft top is a high-quality marine grade. This material offers excellent protection against fading and corrosion while remaining breathable for better use with you!

The tough exterior also provides UV resistance which makes it perfect to protect your car’s interior from those harsh elements during summer months or winter trips across the snow-covered ground. No matter what Mother Nature throws our way there are capable days ahead when driving around town in style installing one of these soft tops.

Smittybilt soft top for jeep wrangler also comes with functional and premium quality zippers. These zippers are not only attractive but quite practical with their heavy-duty performance! The zipper on this particular model is durable enough so that it can withstand regular wear and tear. It has made the whole outfit outstanding through these high-quality features.

The Smittybilt soft top for jeep wrangler is a high-quality product that can be backed with Dot approval, and it comes exclusively due to using only materials of the best quality. Also, they use high-quality construction techniques like durable sewing patterns for windows to help keep out water damage or UV fade resistance.

Smittybilt soft top for jeep wrangler has all the features you need to keep your vehicle looking good and avoid leaks. The marine-grade vinyl is durable, water-resistant which means it will withstand exposure in wet conditions without fading or tearing easily. And the seam sealing ensures that there’s no chance of leaking around stitching.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty functional zip
  • The seam is sealed with heat to prevent any kind of leaking
  • Marine-grade vinyl coat
  • Anti-fading fabric
  • UV resistance soft top

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4. Bestop Black Diamond Trektop

Bestop 56853-35 Black Diamond Trektop for...
  • Run as fully-enclosed, all season soft top or remove the...
  • New Sun rider design allows opening the panel from inside...
  • Bestop's F I T System has improved fabric positioning and...
  • Kit includes: Premium soft top fabric, patented...

The Bestop Black Diamond Trektop is a top-ranked soft top that has been proven to be durable and versatile. This product can work with jeep wrangler models, making it an excellent option for those who drive in all sorts of conditions on their daily commute or vacation adventure!

This soft top for Jeep Wrangler has a tailgate bar and clips that make it easy to access the rear hatch. A zippered mesh pocket on the Sunrider panel may hold small gear items!

Designed with a sunroof, this top allows you to open the panel from the inside. The soft-top is engineered using high-strength steel and polymer for lasting durability in harsh conditions; it also has two windows that make driving safer!

Bestop F.I.T System (Fabric Install & Tensioning System) is an essential accessory for any soft top installation on jeep wrangler 4-door models. As it improves fabric positioning and tension, which in turn ensures that your new window style will look great with ease of use!

Tired of zipping and unzipping your top whenever you decide to remove the window panels? This innovative zipperless design from Bestop will allow for easy removal. Bestop’s patented zipperless technology makes it easy to remove and replace the window panels on this soft top. These zippers provide security, as well as facilitate changes in configuration for quick switching between different styles.

The Soft Top Conversion Kit will convert your soft top into an all-season, fully enclosed vehicle. It’s perfect for those who want to protect themselves from the elements but also enjoy being able to live life outside of their car! Also, you can run this soft top as an all-season or Safari bikini and it works with any factory door.

Highlighted Features

  • You can install this soft top without hassle
  • The Sunrider design helps to enjoy the open mode
  • Heavy-duty fabric used
  • An additional kit can be purchased
  • Improved fabric positioning

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5. Rampage Products 99735 Factory Replacement Soft Top

RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 99735 Factory Replacement...
  • Jeep Soft Tops: Soft tops feature options of quality fabric...
  • Easy Install: Simply slip off your old Jeep soft top &...
  • Three Year Warranty: Our Rampage products are covered by a 3...
  • Rampage Jeep Parts: Count on Rampage to provide you with...
  • Offroad Accessories: Get serious about off-roading with a...

The Rampage 99735 Soft Top kit is the perfect way to give your Wrangler a new look. This replacement soft top meets or exceeds all factory regulations, and it comes with everything you need including installation instructions.

You’re looking for a tough and durable soft top that will last season after season? Look no further than this Rampage brand. It easily installs on your factory hardware, but don’t worry because we’ve got the best of everything from color options to accessories so you can complete any look in just one purchase!

Rampage Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler is designed with a durable full-length zipper that allows you to quickly and easily remove your windows, leaving them in perfect condition.

This tough soft top also includes heat-sealed seams so rain or shine will never get inside the interior! The special marine-grade zippers ensure water cannot penetrate this product when exposed on the outside.

Soft Top from Rampage is a safe and easy-to-store solution that stores your phone, wallet, or important documents. This replacement top features two zippered ceiling storage pockets which are perfect for storing any item you need quick access to! Fully waterproof material keeps all items secure even if the light rains come.

There is no better way to replace your factory soft top than with this Rampage soft top. In addition to being able to choose from a wide range of colors, this product also fulfills or surpasses original equipment criteria, so you can continue to enjoy those long journeys with a clean within it!

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty materials are used to manufacture this soft top
  • There is sufficient storing space available for your gears
  • This soft top is weatherproof with a heat seal
  • Available in a variety of colors

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6. Rampage Products TrailView Fastback Soft Top

Rampage Products 139835 TrailView Fastback...
  • Jeep Soft Tops: Soft tops feature options of quality fabric...
  • Easy Install: Simply slip off your old Jeep soft top &...
  • Three Year Warranty: Our Rampage products are covered by a 3...
  • Rampage Jeep Parts: Count on Rampage to provide you with...
  • Offroad Accessories: Get serious about off-roading with a...

This sleek, best soft top for jeep wrangler JL is a great way to make the most out of its features and improve visibility. The Rampage TrailView Fastback Soft Top combines unbeatable styling with all you need in terms of replacement parts while looking good doing it!

Not only does this product provide increased visibility thanks to its larger side windows but also comes complete as an option designed specifically for driver-focused.

This soft top for your Jeep Wrangler is perfect if you want a quick way to get the open air, but it also comes with windows that can be easily removed and replaced. Just flip two latches at either side of this easy conversion! Give yourself some extra space inside or out on hot days by converting all three sides in seconds – no tools necessary.

Rampage windows make sure that your jeep’s top is always in perfect condition with their soft tops. The special panel between the ceiling and roof can be pulled down to store away from scratches or punctures when not needed, so you don’t have a mess on hand!

The TrailView is a fastback-style soft top that delivers improved aerodynamics and ride quality. It’s crafted with premium sailcloth material, which offers increased durability over other materials like vinyl or canvas while still providing better wind resistance!

These soft tops from Rampage have a stylish and durable design that withstands the test of time. The windows use heavy-duty zippers, which are easily replaced or removed when necessary for cleaning purposes. Plus, this fabric material is made to last with quality sewn seams using marine-grade threading welded shut by heat seal tape!

Highlighted Features

  • Manufactured with heavy-duty fabric
  • Seal with sturdy heat seal tape to keep leak-free
  • Easy install with the marine graded thread
  • Aerodynamics design for a quiet and comfortable ride

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7. Bestop Black Twill Trektop NX Glide Convertible Soft Top

Bestop 5492217 Black Twill Trektop NX Glide...
  • Zipper less side and rear panels allow for easy slide-in and...
  • Fast-back design gives this soft top a great appearance that...
  • Patented Sunrider flip-back panel above passenger seats for...
  • Zippered interior mesh Pockets integrated into the Sunrider...
  • Includes all the soft top fabric plus window panels and bows...

Now you can have all the fun of open-air motoring with a soft top that gives your Wrangler an even greater degree of freedom and comfort. The Trektop NX Glide is designed to be user-friendly, durable enough for any adventure life throws its way without compromising style or performance. Also, it comes complete with exclusive technological features!

New Trektop NX Glide is a sleek and innovative design that not only converts your Wrangler’s soft top into an open-air car roof but also features fast closing technology. Folds behind the back of the seat for absolute protection when required, or maybe opened to allow fresh air to flow into the vehicle!

Get in touch today so we can show how this ground-breaking new collapsible border strategy lets it operate as both an adaptable or full coverage hardtop!

The Bestop soft top for Jeep Wrangler is a great way to customize your ride and keep the interior cool in warm weather. With 40 mil scratch-resistant, DOT-approved vinyl windows that offer 18% tinting at an affordable price—you can’t go wrong with this product!

This Bestop soft top for your trusty Wrangler is designed to be easy-to-use, just like the ultra-premium Trektop Pro. Zipper-free sides and back panels make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle!

The best part about this soft top for your Wrangler is that it has a built-in sunroof, which allows you to take in all of those fresh air and sunshine while driving. You’ll love all these features: sturdy steel hardware built onto an engineered thermoplastic polymer frame etc.

Bestop soft top for your Wrangler is perfect if you want to keep track of small gear items and have a place to store them. There are zippered mesh pockets on the Sunrider panel that will hold all those essentials!

Highlighted Features

  • It has a zipperless window for a convenient installation
  • Ultra-Premium quality material
  • Sturdy frame made with steel
  • Safe with DOT approve
  • Leakproof with heat-seal seams

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8. Rugged Ridge Black Diamond Soft Top 

Rugged Ridge 13737.35 Soft Top, Black...
  • SOFT TOP SET: Simply slip off your old Jeep soft top &...
  • REPLACEMENT SOFT TOP: Soft tops feature premium twill cloth...
  • OFFROAD ACCESSORIES: Get serious about off-roading with a...
  • RUGGED RIDGE JEEP PARTS: Count on Rugged Ridge to provide...
  • FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: Our Rugged Ridge products are covered by...

You can now outfit your old Jeep with a tough and durable soft top while still retaining all of the original features that make it such an icon. The Rugged Ridge soft top is easy to install, fits over existing fixtures on our roll bar or even onto trucks without one!

This heavy-duty cover also provides you with thick 30 mil windows so there’s no need for an expensive replacement if something were ever damaged during use.

The soft tops for your Jeep Wrangler are made from premium twill cloth and will keep the rain out with marine-grade thread. Each seam has been sewn shut, plus they’ve got durable heat seal tape around it too so you don’t have any worries about water getting in!

This durable replacement is designed specifically for use with the factory tops, meaning it will fit like a stock on day one! With tinted windows that provide privacy, while still letting in plenty of light through them and an OE-style finish so installation can be done quickly without any hassle.

If you are looking for a new soft top restoration on your Wrangler, then Rugged Ridge has just what you need. They offer direct replacements that match the factory-like quality and color to make it seem like nothing was ever changed!

The best part is there’s no sun fade or fading due to their exclusive formulated polymer which matches paint perfectly so they’ll look perfect even after years of exposure to harsh conditions.

If a Rugged Ridge product is not working properly, the company will take care of it. They offer 5-year warranties on all their products and limited lifetime guarantees for some items in case you need repairs or replacements during your ownership period! 

Highlighted Features

  • This top-quality replacement fits perfectly
  • Heavy-duty sailcloth fabrics
  • OE-style finish
  • Easy and convenient installation

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler

Driving your Jeep Wrangler with soft tops may be fun. But choosing the right soft top for your Wrangler will require a wise consideration of several factors. Here are the things you need to take care of.

Choice of Material

Soft tops are made of different materials like vinyl, denim, twill, etc. To get the best out of your soft top, it should be made of a durable material that will withstand extreme weather conditions for a long period.

Vinyl is a popular choice for soft tops. But twill will provide you with the ultimate protection and durability. We leave the rest on your preference and budget so that you can choose accordingly.


Some soft tops in our review may look great to you. But they might not necessarily fit your Jeep model and that will be a complete frustration. So, it is wise to choose a soft top according to the model of your Jeep Wrangler.

You will find specific soft tops that are compatible with your car.

Local Climate

Climate should be emphasized while choosing the right soft top. Lighter soft tops are more suitable for summer as you don’t need much insulation during hot summer days. Also, soft tops are easy to uninstall whenever you need some fresh air over your head.

But these soft tops won’t provide you with enough insulation in winter. So, if you live in a cold climate area, choosing soft tops isn’t a good decision.

Type of Soft Tops

Soft tops usually come in two types. One is framed and the other is frameless. In framed soft tops, a metal frame supports the fabric to make the top more durable and rigid.

These tops also perform better in the heavy wind. But frameless soft tops don’t have the rigidity to support the fabric when needed. So, choose the type according to your usage.

If you go off-roading or camping frequently, framed soft tops will be more helpful. But if you are out to just enjoy the road, frameless soft tops will be easy to use and store.


It is crucial to ensure the soft top doesn’t block your access to the car. If the soft top doesn’t match your car model, you can face a tough time having access to the car.

With framed soft tops, the cargo space may be reduced to some extent. Frameless soft tops are better if you need a lot of cargo space for all your belongings.

Easy Installation

If you need to struggle with your soft top amid your camping, then there’s no point in buying that soft top. As you might be putting the soft top on or off frequently, installation should be convenient.

Also, check whether the soft top needs any additional tools to install.


Though this factor depends on personal preference, we suggest buying a quality soft top if you want to use it frequently and for a long time. A good soft top made of durable materials will serve you for years to come.

Which Jeep Soft Top Material is Best?

Giving a definitive answer to this question can be tough. Jeep Wrangler soft tops are made of different materials. And often they aren’t made with just one material, rather a combination of several materials.

We hope you will find out which materials are the best for Jeep soft top.


Vinyl is one of the most common and popular materials for Jeep soft top. This is a lightweight material that provides decent protection. UV resistance of vinyl is so high that it is even used as a coating on top of other materials.

But insulation isn’t that good in the case of vinyl. If you are fond of a classic Jeep Wrangler, a vinyl soft top can be a good choice for you.


This is a triple-layer fabric that has polyester on top and bottom and vinyl in between. As this fabric is thicker than vinyl or denim, it provides better insulation in terms of heat and noise.

Sailcloth is also great for weather and UV protection. It is abrasion-resistant which will make your soft top last longer.


If you want to give your Jeep Wrangler a luxury crown, there is no alternative to a twill soft top. Twill is considered the best in terms of durability, heat and noise insulation, look, etc.

Though twill soft tops will cost a lot more than other materials, this material is the thickest of all soft top materials to give you unmatched protection in all weather and terrain conditions.

Despite being thicker than other materials, twill is considerably softer. With better UV and weather protection, twill soft tops can give your Jeep Wrangler a stunning and luxurious look.

How to Install Jeep Wrangler Soft Tops?

Before you install a soft top into your Jeep Wrangler, you need to remove the hard top. Let’s begin with the process and complete it in a few simple steps.

  • Unlock the latches under the hard top. Remove screws to lift off the hard top.
  • Remove plastic strips from the frame and mount brackets on the back.
  • Unwrap the new soft top and start your work from the back of the window.
  • Attach sides of the soft top to the mounting brackets you have previously installed.
  • Bolt the sides of the soft top into the mounting bracket to attach it firmly.
  • Mount other brackets along with the frame that you will need to attach to the soft top.
  • Continue pulling the soft top forward to attach it to the mounting brackets. Tuck the soft top inside the frame so that you can pull the fabric and tighten the top.
  • After everything is in place, use bolts to tighten the soft top to the front frame.

That’s all! Your Jeep Wrangler is now ready to take it for a ride. As long as you choose the right soft top for your Jeep, it will be a pleasant experience to roam in.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to get your attention to some more details in the form of a Q&A section. Let’s begin.

1. How long do Jeep Wrangler soft tops last?

Depending on what material you are choosing for Jeep soft top, it can last anywhere between three and five years. But that also depends on how much care you take of the top.

2. Do soft top jeeps stay warm in winter?

This depends on the insulation of the soft top material you are using. Some may find it more effective to use hard tops in winter. But thicker material like sailcloth or twill will give enough insulation to keep the interior warm in winter.

3. Can a soft top Jeep go through a car wash?

The top of a Jeep undergoes a good amount of water pressure during a car wash. So, it is better to take off the soft top before you go through a car wash with your Jeep.

4. Are soft top jeeps waterproof?

Though vinyl soft tops are waterproof when manufactured, it doesn’t guarantee your Jeep will be waterproof during a heavy downpour. Over time, vinyl soft tops can wear out and lose their waterproof characteristic.

5. Are soft top jeeps noisy?

It depends on the noise insulation capability of the material you are using. Thicker materials are more likely to suppress noise than thinner materials like vinyl.


Now that you have all these lovely soft tops as options, it will become much easier to choose the best soft top for Jeep Wrangler. After a short struggle of choosing and installing the soft top, your Jeep will be charming than ever.

Invest a bit of your time in comparing materials, build qualities, and other necessary factors to ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

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