Top 8 Best Jack for Jeep Wrangler Reviews in 2022

Although it may sound like too much to ask for a jack to lift a jeep wrangler, it’s actually pretty useful. Even if there’s enough clearance underneath a jeep wrangler, changing the tire or customizing the height will surely need the best jack for jeep wrangler in the market.

Now, you may wonder what choices you have, as there are different types of jacks available in the market, from 5k-pound to 7k-pound capacity. Then again, there’s the variety of lifting height capacity, as well.

That’s why we have picked up the 8 most powerful and useful jacks that you can rely on regardless of which model of jeep wrangler you are riding. Keep reading to find out all in detail!

Our top recommendations:

Top 8 Best Jack for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

The following are the 8 most useful and powerful jacks that we have found for using in a jeep wrangler. Read till the end to find out the perfect match for your vehicle.

1. Hi-Lift Jack HL485 48″ Hi-Lift Red All Cast Jack

This is no wonder that the best jack for jeep wrangler should be one of the toughest out there. That’s why we are introducing the Hi-Lift HL485 48-inch all-cast jack. This is one of the industry-leading jacks that will make your lifting job easier and simpler. The HL485 jack is the only all-cast jack manufactured in the world, which gives it away why it should be your prime choice!

Being constructed with cast iron material, the jack offers excellent strength and durability. This means you can rely on the jack with any jeep wrangler you have, as it can smoothly carry the weight up to 7000 pounds! Moreover, you can also make sure that the jack will not work if the wrangler’s weight is beyond 7000 pounds.

How? Well, there’s a shear bolt on it that prevents the jack from being operative when you are trying to use it to lift anything that weighs more than 7000 pounds. That’s why it’s pretty safe, too!

Not so surprisingly, the jack comes with a two-piece handle and socket setup that makes it even more reliable and durable. It will make it very comfortable for you to use it anywhere, whether you are in your garage or out there in the middle of nowhere.

Highlighted Features

  • 48-inch-long jeep wrangler jack for maximum use
  • It can lift up to 7000 pounds of weight pretty easily
  • A shear bold for preventing accident and malfunction
  • Two-piece handle construction for better performance
  • Made from super-durable cast iron
  • It comes with a powder-coated finish for maximum durability

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2. Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack – 54″

Another durable and top-quality jack on our list is the Smittybilt 2722 universal trail jack. This 54-inch jack is all you need if you are running a jeep wrangler that weighs over 6000 pounds! Although the makers suggest that it will be able to lift up to 4660 pounds, it can lift way more than that in reality. To our test, the jack could lift jeep wrangles of 7000 pounds, too.

The 28-square inch square base plate makes it extremely comfortable for you to use the device. It gets well-grounded on the ground and doesn’t wobble much when you are moving the handle. Plus, being only around 7 pounds, the device is quite convenient to use and get your hands on.

Apart from the large base, there is a connector clamp on the jack that can be adjusted according to your convenience. It’s super easy, and only a few clicks on the clamp can make it really simple. The entire construction is zinc plated, which ensures both durability and strength. Moreover, it won’t be subject to severe rust and corrosion over time, which is also quite a great deal that you get at an affordable price!

Overall, this cast-steel jack is probably the best jack for jeep wrangler if you are looking for something really strong and sturdy. However, it’s better if you don’t push its limit and lift more than 7000 pounds weight with this.

Highlighted Features

  • The jack is made from strong cast-steel material
  • It has a large 28-square inch base that lets you take control
  • The jack can handle up to 7000 pounds of weight
  • The climbing pins have 125000 PSI tonsil strength
  • All the hardware of the jack is plated with zinc

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3. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack

Looking for something easy to handle and convenient? Well, you can’t go wrong if you are picking the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack for jeep wrangler! Whether you have a unibody vehicle or a body-on-frame one, this jack is going to be the best purchase you can make for your four-wheeler.

With the easy-to-lift system of this device, you can conveniently pull the jack from 11 inches to 21 inches high, leaving you ample space to work on the vehicle’s maintenance. The best part is, there’s a safety bar lock with the jack that helps you fix the height of the jack to the specific level for proper output.

Then again, the wide flat base on the bottom makes enough room for the jack to stabilize itself on the ground. It prevents the device from getting sunk in soft surfaces like muddy ground and off-track roads. So, wherever you are, you can simply just pull it out from the back of your truck and start lifting!

The jack comes with a huge weight-lifting capacity of 6600 pounds, which is pretty impressive, given that the device itself is around 22 pounds heavy. It’s pretty handy and quite convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

Highlighted Features

  • The jack can lift both body-on-frame and unibody vehicles
  • Lightweight device can be carried easily in the truck
  • Weight lifting capacity up to 6600 pounds
  • It can lift at a range of height between 11 inches to 21 inches
  • A safety bar lock is there to fix the jack at a certain height
  • Wide flat base for excellent stability

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4. Hi-Lift Jack HL604 60″ Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

Remember the HL485 48-inch jack from Hi-Lift that we have reviewed earlier? Well, if you have liked that one, wait for the HL604 to unfold its beauty to you. This 60-inch jack is simply one of the best out there in the market, and you can hardly ignore the convenience it offers.

Take your vehicle-lifting job to the next level with the HL604 from Hi-Lift, as the jack comes with a higher capacity than the HL458. Lift vehicles weighing around 7000 pounds without having to worry about cracking the jack or harming the truck. The prime reason why this one is probably the best jack for lifted jeep is its excellent construction.

This jack is built from a mix of different cast components and heavy-duty stamped steel materials. This makes this jack a hard nut to crack, and you will be able to feel the sturdiness of the device while you pull the vehicles up – it’s pretty unparalleled.

What makes it even stronger is the two-piece handle and socket that add to the solid construction. Plus, the powder-coated finish, along with the zinc-plated hardware on the entire build-up, plays a vital role in making it rugged enough to withstand pressure.

Highlighted Features

  • The jack is built with a mix of cast components and stamped steel
  • It measures up to 60 inches in height in terms of lifting
  • Its clamping capacity is 750 pounds
  • The jack can lift up to 7000 pounds of weight
  • Powder-coated finish and zinc-plated hardware construction

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5. Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton, All-In-One Bottle Jack

If you are looking for the best floor jack for jeep wrangler, then the Alltrade 640912 All-in-one bottle jack should meet your needs quite easily! This one is one of the most convenient jacks that you can carry with you wherever you go. The device is a minimalistic one and handy to work with.

Its patented design comes with a combination of a jack stand bottle jack in a single unit. This makes it more convenient to apply and gives a better angle to lift vehicles. That’s why the jack is able to lift both unibody and regular trucks with the same precision and strength.

You can easily lift a vehicle from a range of height from 11 inches to 21 inches at three different steps. Each step can be firmly stuck with the help of a safety lock that fixes the jack at the given height level.

On the other hand, the jack has a wide oversized base that lets the jack stay firm on the ground without slipping off or sinking in the ground. No wonder, with this much support, the jack can lift a weight up to 6600 pounds from the ground without any issues!

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a patented design that combines both bottle jack and jack stand
  • There’s a safety bar to lock the jack at certain height levels
  • You can lift up to 6600 pounds of weight
  • The lifting height ranges from 11 to 21 inches
  • Conveniently handy design can be easily carried

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6. LEADBRAND Black Steel Scissor Jack

Who said the best jeep jack should be a heavy-duty fancy one? If you are looking for something simplistic, picking the Leadbrand Black Steel scissor jack should be a good choice for you. The jack measures around 19 inches long, which makes it pretty simple and easy to handle.

However, even if the jack is supposedly small in size, it’s in no way going to fall short in terms of performance. The jack can lift up to 5500 pounds of weight quite easily, and that’s pretty much what you need for regular maintenance.

Plus, you can lift the vehicle up to 17.4 inches, which is kind of surprising for such a compact device. That’s why this one is actually a great contender for the best jack for jeep wrangler, at least in the compact category!

Another reason for its significant strength is the way it’s designed and built. The device is made from a heavy-duty steel frame which gives it a rugged build-up to cope up with quite a lot of pressure.

Then again, it has a ratchet handle and an oversized base that make it really easy for the jack to lift heavyweight.

Highlighted Features

  • The jack has a lifting capacity ranging from 3.85 inches to 17.4 inches
  • It can lift vehicles weighing up to 5500 pounds
  • It’s made from a heavy-duty steel frame and saddle
  • Small and compact design
  • It has an oversized base to support the heavy weight without wobbling

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7. YIYITOOLS Heavy Duty Farm Jack 48 inch

Looking for the best high lift jack for jeep? Well, no wonder we have one of the best on our list – the Yiyitools 48-inch Farm Jack. This one offers a great lifting height that will make it super convenient for you to lift your vehicle at any moment, anywhere.

First of all, the jack is built with a mixture of cast components and heavy-duty stamped steel material. This results in a super-rugged and strong construction that helps the jack to lift up to 6000 pounds of weight with literally no effort.

The best part is, the build quality is totally rust-resistant, which means you can use it for a long time without having to worry about it suffering from corrosion and rust due to a moist environment. So, it’s a perfect fit for your everyday use.

Apart from lifting 6000 pounds, the jack can lift the vehicle up to 40 inches high, which gives you enough room to maintain the vehicle. Then again, it uses a large, thick, and stable base that helps the jack to stay firm on the ground and offer the best service.

Because of that, this jack is a suitable device for you if you are planning to get something for both on and off-track riding. It can accommodate itself easily on any ground, giving you the perfect leverage you need.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from the blend of the cast and stamped steel components
  • Uses a rubber handle for comfortable use
  • It comes with a ratchet design for convenient lifting
  • The jack can lift up to 40 inches in height
  • It can easily pull up 6000 pounds of weight
  • Designed to be rust and corrosion resistant

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8. Ark Motoring Farm Jack, 48″ Off-Road High Lift Jack

Finally, we have the Ark Motoring Farm Jack, which is one of the best off-road high lift jacks that we have reviewed. This 48-inch high-lift jack can lift a vehicle up to 40.6 inches with ease. Plus, it can lift a weight up to 6600 pounds quite comfortably.

One of the best features of this jack is its multi-directional use which comes very handy all the time. It lets you use it both horizontally and vertically. This way, no matter at which angle you need to lift the jack up, it’s going to work like magic!

Credit goes to the construction of the jack as it’s made from heavy-duty cast and steel materials which ensure that the jack is durable and long-lasting. On top of that, this heavy-duty construction prevents rust and corrosion formation too, keeping the metal device safe in moist environments.

Its 33-inch removable ratchet lever gives you the maximum leverage so that you can use the device comfortably. The handle on the side is very convenient and comfortable to hold, too.

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from heavy-duty cast and steel components
  • It has a thick powder coating on it for the rust-proof formation
  • It can lift up to 6000 pounds of weight
  • The height ranges from 4.7 inches to 40.6 inches
  • It has a 33-inch removable ratchet lever

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Things To Consider Before Buying Jack for Jeep Wrangler

Well, as you have come so far, you already have a clear idea how the best jack for jeep wrangle looks like. However, we may miss the wood for the tree, especially when it comes to sophisticated devices like a jack. So, here are some pro tips that you can follow when you are picking up a jack for your jeep.

Heavy-duty Construction

This is going to be super obvious. You are getting a jack that will lift an entire jeep wrangler from the ground. This is imperative that the device should be pretty heavy-duty in nature. That’s why you need to ensure that the construction of the jack is up to the mark.

To our observation, we have seen that the best jacks out there are constructed from cast iron and steel components. This is a one-of-a-kind mix that gives it a perfect finish and excellent durability at the same time. So, you can easily pick up heavy jeep wranglers in style.

Weight Capacity

Quite naturally, you need to see if the jack is able to lift a certain level of weight that may work for you. If you have a jeep wrangler that weighs more than 6000 pounds and you get a jack that comes with a capacity of 4000 pounds, it’s not a match. So, you must ensure that you are getting the perfect tool in the market for your vehicle.

Height Lifting Capacity

Then comes the height lifting capacity of the jack. How high do you want the jeep to be lifted? Is it 20 inches? Or 30 inches and more? That’s the question you need to ask yourself before you decide to go for a jeep jack. Most jacks can lift from 4 inches to 21 inches, while some specially made ones can lift up to 40 inches. So, choose wisely.

Wide Base

A wide and oversized base will work like magic. It lets you stabilize the jack on any ground and get the perfect fitting you need. It will prevent the device from wobbling and trembling, so you can set it up nicely. Check for a thick and wide base before.

Safety Bar Lock

You have to be careful while going through the specs of the device. Look for a safety bar lock on the jack that can clamp and fix the jack at a certain height. This will work as an extra stabilizer for the jack.


If you are residing in a place where it’s pretty humid most of the time in the year, you probably need to get something that can fight rust and corrosion. Look for a powder coating on the jack that can easily protect the device from getting rusty.

How Do You Jack Up A Lift On A Jeep Wrangler?

Here is a simple guideline on how you can easily jack up a lift on a jeep wrangler.

First of all, place a piece of wooden board or a jack base plate on the ground that will keep the surface flat.

Now place the jack on the plate and hold it from the top of the device, and set the direction lever to a lower area.

Then lock the lever towards the upper position and start moving the handle up and down. Remember, you need to move the handle all the way down and all the way up. You will hear a clicking sound, which is what you will be keeping an open ear for.

This way, you can move the handle as long as the jeep is lifted up to a certain position.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a 2-ton jack enough for a Jeep Wrangler?
Yes, a 2-ton jack is going to be enough for most jeep wranglers. The issue here is the height, not the rating. So, as long as it can lift up to the required height, it’s good.

Q2. What size Jack do I need for my lifted Jeep?
The most used size is a 48-inch one. This is the most popular one as it fits most jeep wranglers out there.

Q3. How safe is a Hi-Lift jack?

Ans. A hi-lift jack can be pretty dangerous if you are not taking enough precautions. You need to keep a safe distance between you and the jack while lifting the wrangler.

Q4. Can you jack a jeep on the axle?

Ans. Yes, if it’s a solid axle, it’s pretty easy for the jack to work on the surface.

Final Words

So, that was it! These were the top contenders for the title of the best jack for jeep wrangler  We did try out every single jack, and trust us, every one of them is pretty promising. However, you need to make sure you are picking up the one that meets your need the most. You can keep our buying guide as your guiding star while getting the jack for your jeep. It will surely land you on the right page!

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