7 Best Cold Air Intake for Tacoma: Buying Guide in 2022

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, you probably don’t want to settle for an underperforming one, right? That, too, when it’s possible to increase the engine’s horsepower by channeling cold air into the engine for a better and more powerful output! That’s why getting the best cold air intake for Tacoma is what a Tacoma owner should look out for!

Unfortunately, most vehicle owners pick the wrong route to increase the power of their vehicle’s engine by simply installing the wrong air intake kit for their ride. It’s pretty crucial that you need to match the vehicle’s engine model and type to the cold air intake kit for it to perform as it should.

That’s why we have picked 7 cold air intake kits that will suit Toyota Tacoma for smoother and more efficient engine performance. Excited? Well, fasten your seatbelts!

Our top recommendations:

How Does a Cold Air Intake Work? How-does-a-cold-air-intake-work

When you set up a cold air intake kit in your vehicle, you will bypass the air filter outside the engine compartment. This way, the cool air will be absorbed into the engine for combustion.

As the cool air has a higher density than oxygen, this means that there will be more fuel for combustion. Eventually, this will ignite more power in the engine and allow it to perform even better and in a more powerful manner.

Best Cold Air Intake for Tacoma

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance 63-9039

Probably all the Toyota Tacoma users out there were waiting for this one to top the list, wasn’t it? Well, it’s no surprise that the K&N Cold Air Intake grabbed first place on the list as the value it offers is almost unmatched by its peers. Be it the incredible 10-year million-mile limited warranty it comes with or the incredible increase in the horsepower it promises; it’s got to be the first choice for most of us.

The best part is the kit promises at least 50% more airflow than the default intake and air filter that you have on your vehicle. So, if you are riding a Toyota Tacoma from 2016 to 2019, it’s definitely something you should try out.

Fitting the device in your vehicle will definitely increase the uphill performance that you have been struggling with for a long time. You will surely notice the improvement in the accelerating and towing with the responsive throttle performance.

Another brilliant service it provides is mitigating the sound of the engine that most of us feel pretty bothered about. The engine sound is going to improve quite a lot and give you a subtle excitement while you ride your beast. Is it the best cold air intake for Tacoma? Well, quite a chance is there!

You don’t need to worry about maintaining the intake kit for a long time. According to the makers, you can ride up to 100000 miles without even cleaning the filter. Plus, installing the kit is the easiest thing you can try out!

Highlighted Features 

  • Up to 10-years/Million-mile warranty offer
  • Improved engine sound from the default kit
  • Easy to maintain and no cleaning required for 100000 miles
  • Simple and straightforward installing system
  • Offers 50% more airflow than previous

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2. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Another cooling device that needs your attention in the best cold air intake brand section is the Spectre Performance air intake kit. This top-quality kit was designed and dyno=tested with 50% more airflow than the default factory box air filter of your vehicle. You can rest assured that the machine won’t allow the engine to reach its full potential, hence will prevent it from getting heated up.

As the engine can keep its cool, the best thing that happens is the acceleration of the vehicle becomes smoother and more efficient. You can tell the difference when you are riding the vehicle on hill tracks or uphill roads, and the journey will feel like a regular ride on smooth streets.

What’s surprising here is the machine can actually take care of the engine in multiple ways. For example, it uses the advanced oiled synthetic filter design that pretty much protects the engine from getting damaged in contamination. It limits the formation of debris and any other harmful contamination in the engine house.

Not so surprisingly, the Spectre Performance ait intake kit comes with a fairly simple installation system. The learning curve is pretty straight, and you can easily find your ways to install it readily in the vehicle engine.

On a bonus level, you get the sound of your engine improved like never before. Optimizing the engine’s air system, the device will definitely keep the engine’s sound in control and reduce the harshness to a satisfactory level.

Highlighted Features 

  • Dyno-tested up to 50% more airflow than usual
  • Improves acceleration and uphill riding experience
  • Easy to maintain, no need for cleaning up to 100000 miles
  • It comes with an advanced oiled synthetic filter design
  • Pretty easy to install and set it up

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3. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance: 63-9060

No wonder we have another K&N Cold Air Intake device on our list for the best cold air intake for Tacoma. For the performance you get from such a brand, it’s hard to resist trying out the best options you have from the makers. If you liked the 63-9039 that we have reviewed before, you would definitely find the 63-9060 even more!

Similar to the previous model, this one also offers a 10-year/million-mile warranty that is simply out of the box. You rarely get such a deal from the peer brands in the market. Above that, the machine offers excellent increase and airflow compared to the regular air filter you have in your truck. You can expect 50% more airflow to keep the engine cool.

Enjoy an excellent towing experience like never before with the 63-9060 air intake device. You can easily feel the increased and enhanced acceleration that can help you ride uphill with less effort. Bumpy roads and upward slopes are not going to pose any challenges in any way!

It comes with a brilliant protection system that prevents the engine from getting damaged from any type of harmful contamination. It can mitigate the formation of debris and keep the engine clean for a long time.

As for the maintenance, you can rest assured that you won’t need to keep cleaning the device every now and then. According to the designers, you can think of cleaning work only after you have traveled 100000 miles with this device installed in your engine!

Highlighted Features 

  • 10-year/million-mile warranty support
  • Improved acceleration and smoother riding
  • Improved engine sound
  • Simple and easy to install in no time
  • Offers protection to the engine from harmful contaminations

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4. Toyota PTR03-35160 TRD

Nothing beats the quality of a Cold Air Intake that comes from the house of the very best – Toyota. If you are looking for the best performance cold air intake, this one should be your bet! The PTR03-35160 is one of the flagship designs from Toyota that suits the most Toyota trucks in the market. Although people do raise their eyebrows when it comes to using OEM products, that’s definitely not the case here.

What makes this air intake a standout product from the rest is its capacity to handle a high volume of air. It has a custom airbox that is designed in such a way that it can easily take care of a heavy volume of air pretty easily. So, you can easily skip thinking about the throttling of the engine for the scarcity of air.

The tubing that comes with the machine is also quite a unique one in this case. This tube is actually custom-designed to offer the efficiency you need for a better ride. It will allow a good amount of air to pass through at once. This makes it easier for the fuel to burn in a more comprehensive manner.

The best part is there’s nothing you need to worry about when it comes to compatibility. If you own a Toyota, the air intake perfectly syncs with the vehicle. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that the installation of the device is pretty simple.

Highlighted Features 

  • Perfect OEM Design
  • There’s a custom airbox and intake tube system
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Syncs perfectly with Toyota vehicles
  • Improves the sound quality of the vehicle

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5. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9015-1

It’s no surprise that we are going to review another K&N cold air kit as they probably make some great competitors for the ‘best cold air intake for Tacoma’ title in the market. This time, we have the 57-9015-1 kit that comes with a similar brilliant performance as the previous models that we have reviewed so far.

The kit comes with an impressive promise of longevity that is covered by a 10-year/million mile warranty period. This actually covers the entire lifetime of your vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about replacing it any sooner. Just install it and kind of forget that you have placed something in there!

Speaking of installation, the device is quite easy to install and get started with. There’s an installation guide that is super simple to follow, and you can easily get going with no hassle on your way. All you need is some basic hand tools that are already hanging on your garage wall!

Maintenance is something that shouldn’t be bothering you anytime sooner now. The 57-9015-1 comes with a promise for a 100000-mile maintenance-free ride. You don’t need to clean the filter before reaching this distance.

To your utter excitement, the sound of the engine gets even better and smoother with the air intake installed in the vehicle. Enjoy the power under the hood with a bolder sound while you ride!

Highlighted Features 

  • Up to 10-years/Million-mile warranty offer
  • Improved engine sound from the default kit
  • Easy to maintain and no cleaning required for 100000 miles
  • Simple and straightforward installing system
  • Offers 50% more airflow than previous

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6. High-Performance Cold Air Intake Piping Kit

If you are looking for something that comes within an affordable price range yet, capable of producing an excellent cooling system, look no further than the Moosun High-Performance cold air intake piping kit. Yes, the brand is not something that most of us may hear of, but it’s definitely going to make a difference to your riding experience.

If you own a Tacoma from 2016 to 2019 model, you are probably going to love this device pretty much. That’s because the piping kit here fits perfectly to these models of Toyota Tacoma, and there’s no syncing issue that you need to get worried about.

The best part is the device promises a guaranteed increase of 8 to 10 percent horsepower in the engine than the stock setup that you have with the vehicle. As for the torque, it will get increased up to 10%, too. That’s a win-win situation for you.

However, the higher intake in your engine will definitely translate that you are to get a louder sound on the engine right after installing it. So, if you are not a big fan of the loud sound of the engine, you may not like it. Nevertheless, it’s worth it.

Again, the intake will definitely withstand the severe heat of the engine and the heavy pressure of the air in a convenient manner. This whole intelligent system will make it a perfect piece of an add-on to your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • It improves the engine’s horsepower up to 10%
  • Pretty durable and long-lasting device
  • It can easily handle the heat and pressure of the air
  • It also improves the torque up to 10%
  • Fits from 2016 to 2019 Toyota Tacoma model

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7. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-81162

Let’s wrap up this cold air intake for Tacoma reviews with one of the finest cold air intake kits that we have on our list – the aFe Power Magnum Force 51-81162. The kit is made entirely from alloy steel which makes it really convenient for it to cool down the engine compared to other cheaper counterparts in the market.

The device pretty accurately outflows the default intake up to 119%. This eventually makes it simpler for the device to produce 13 horsepower in addition to the default capacity of the engine. You also get 21 pounds per foot torque maximum gains.

It has been designed in such a way to offer excellent performance. The device is packed with a 3-layer non-oiled synthetic media that allows it to maintain the proper balance of convenience, protection, and optimum performance.

Another clever addition to the design is the sealed housing that allows an auxiliary inlet scoop for a better air cooling process. Then again, you have the molded plastic tube that comes with a heat-insulating molding that can easily take the place of the default intake setup.

However, there’s a catch in using the device if you are in California state. The kit is not CARB exempt right now. So, you won’t be able to use it legally in the CA state. So, if you are a resident in CA, you should look for an alternative from our list.

Highlighted Features 

  • Outflow increases up to 119% of the default device
  • Designed with 3-layer synthetic media for perfect performance
  • Legal to use in different states except for CA
  • It comes with a sealed housing for additional air inlet scoop
  • Designed with a heat-insulating molded plastic tube

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Things to Consider Before Buying Cold Air Intake for Tacoma

Looking for the best cold air intake for Tacoma? Well, before you jump to a conclusion from the reviews, let’s recap some of the key factors you should keep in mind while picking a cold air intake from the market.

Check the Model Support 

This is, perhaps, the most important thing that you need to double-check before you go for a cold air intake kit. It’s super obvious that not every air intake kit is going to fit your vehicle’s engine. So, you have to check for compatibility before you decide to pick one for your ride.

So, it’s a good move to check the car’s model that the kit supports, the release year, and other technical specs that should be relevant for the model of the car. However, it’s pretty difficult to get a great cold air intake model that fits older vehicles. In that case, you may want to search for the intake kit with the vehicle model number beside the search keywords.

Check Materials 

Another vital part of the cold air intake kit is the materials it is made of. Not all air intake kits are made equal with the same type of material. However, you should be able to distinguish between different types of materials and should go for the best one within your budget.

It’s a no-brainer that you should be choosing the cold air intake kit that is made from proper heat-resistant material that can easily dissipate heat. This will keep the entire kit cool so that it can work in a better manner to cool down the engine.

Choose the Prefered Style 

When it comes to cold air intake, there are two styles that are most commonly used. One is the short ram, and the other is True cold. The short ram is popular for simple and convenient filter access. The true cold one can offer the biggest cool airflow. This is done by keeping the engine as close as the filter. So, depending on your need, choose the one that fits your vehicle the best.

Contamination Proofing 

One of the most crucial features to look out for is the contamination-proofing capacity of the cold air intake kit. If the kit doesn’t fit your engine, it won’t be able to keep it safe from creating debris and harmful contaminants. The good news is there are certain devices in the market that take care of this exact problem. So, make sure you are bagging one of those cold air intake kits for your vehicle’s safety.


How To Clean Cold Air Intake How-clean-a-cold-air-intake-work

The process of cleaning the cold air intake is pretty straightforward and easy. There are a few steps involved that you can perform yourself. Here are some steps to clean the cold air intake of your vehicle.

Step 1: Remove the filter from your vehicle. Open the hood and clean the sealing portion of the filter using a microfiber cloth. Then loosen the mounting band and release the filter.

Step 2: Now, put the filter on a hard surface and remove dry debris from the pleats. Use a soft toothbrush to get the job done. Now apply some filter cleaning agents. Try to reach the filter’s crevices.

Step 3: After applying the agent, you need to rinse the cleaner and get rid of them completely from the filter. You can use low pressure warm water to get this done.

Step 4: Wait for the filter to dry up. Once dried completely, gently shake the filter and pour the remaining water out of it. Now, you can apply some oil to the filter for a smoother performance before you finally put it back in the engine housing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Do Cold Air Intakes really increase horsepower?
This is seriously a matter of debate among different users. However, in the general sense, yes, cold air intake does increase the horsepower of the engine. That being said, you must pick the best kit that supports your vehicle for the desired result.

Q2. Do Cold Air Intakes improve the sound of the engine?
Although this is not something that you should focus on, a good cold air intake does improve the sound of the engine to some extent.

Q3. Are there any drawbacks of a cold air intake?

Ans. For the most part, there is not any drawback to a cold air intake kit. However, for some models, the installation process can be a bit difficult.

Final Words 

Getting the best cold air intake for Tacoma is fairly easy and simple if you know how and where to look for one. Obviously, people tend to go for a quick and fast solution to their engine’s performance problems and end up getting something that wasn’t even meant for the vehicle’s engine.

If you are looking for the best one out there, make sure you have gone through the discussions here and kept our buying guide in check. Good luck!

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