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10 Best Bumper Guards: Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Car owners can testify that there are several components in their vehicles requiring safety to maintain them working effectively. A scratch or dent on them tannishes the vehicle’s overall look as well as its operation.

Car bumpers are good examples of these components that require protection against such accidental dents and scratches. However, with the increased number of models, buyers are finding it hard to find the best bumper protection for cars.

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What is the best bumper guard car owners should give a try to safeguard their vehicle’s bumpers? Herein, we will help you discover the best quality bumper guard models worthy to give a try. They undergo expert supervision from the initial construction stages to ensure they are perfect, and they work effectively. We have also discussed a few factors buyers should consider, narrowing the process involved in selecting the best model.

The Best Bumper Guard for Cars

When you think about purchasing a bumper guard, you need to do it carefully if you don’t need after-purchase frustrations. Research about these products is paramount before you embark on the selection process.

Today, we have simplified the process for prospective buyers who need to taste the importance of bumper guards. Below are the top models experts have approved to be working effectively, worthy to try.

1. BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper Protection, Ultimate Front Bumper Guard

BumpShox XL - Front Car Bumper Protection,...
  • At 14" EXTRA WIDE x 8.5" HEIGHT X 2.25" THICK - BumpShox XL...
  • TOUGHER THAN STEEL – V-Tech All Weather Foam ** Will NOT...
  • RECESSED SCREW DESIGN - No Protruding Metal Parts That Can...
  • PYRAMID DESIGN - Steep Angles Gives the BumpShox A Sleek...
  • FLEX-FIN EXTENDER – This Patent Pending Feature Provides...

When you are up to spending your hardly-earned money, it’s good to purchase something that can provide you the longest service. Various bumper models get constructed using different materials to cater to different people’s needs.

However, when talking about strength and durability, no model can beat the BumpShox XL – Front Car Bumper guards. They get constructed using V-Tech all-weather foam that neither rusts nor cracks like other materials.

Unlike the 2020 Toyota Tacoma bumper guard, these are models for almost all vehicles, both the new and old models. With universal fit designs, these guards form the perfect solutions to all cars boasting standard frame brackets.

Still, at their construction design, buyers have the assurance of reduced chances of damaging other vehicles whatsoever. During construction, manufacturers ensure they leave no metals parts protruding that can pose damage dangers to other vehicles.

Unlike the bmw bumper protector, these represent the most flexible options worthy to try. Boasting pyramid designs, manufacturers construct them with steep angles to maximize shock absorption and overall flexibility. Whenever taller vehicles back yours, you don’t have to worry about your car bumper obtaining dents at all. These models boast flex-fin extenders for additional protection from scratches and dents from taller vehicles.


  • Super quality models
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent performers
  • Easy to install


  • Not recommended for use in all states
  • Short bottom screws

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2. Gold Edition Bumper Bully Extreme – The Ultimate Outdoor Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard

Gold Edition Bumper Bully Extreme - The...
  • SUPER WIDE Bumper Protection Area measuring 46" x 12" - The...
  • High Intensity Safety Reflectors make the BumperBully stand...
  • PREMIUM Grade Rubber Material (PVC FREE)
  • Patented Stabilizer Bars (Gold Color)

Here comes our second choice, beating the rest for their long back reputation in providing excellent protection to vehicle bumpers. Measuring 46″ x 12″, their super-wide construction designs enable them to provide vehicle bumpers maximum protection.

Drivers need not worry about their vehicle bumpers parked somewhere during the night hours. Gold Edition Bumper Bully Extreme models boast integrated Hi-Intensity Safety Reflectors for safe parking during night hours.

Even if you are driving in rough terrain, you don’t have to worry about the guard falling on the way. Unlike the bumper protector for SUV, these models boast patented stabilizer bars that enable them to hold firmly.

Also, the stabilizer bars prevent corners from folding back while driving, leaving our vehicle bumper exposed. Additionally, these are not guards for few vehicle models, their unique designs make them perfect options for all models.

Other than the features above, these steel bumper guard for cars boast value-added features for preventing possible theft cases. Gold Edition Bumper Bully Extreme guards boast reinforced heavy-duty steel security traps whose role is to deter theft.

Nevertheless, these are bumper guards that will stay to serve you for an extended period. Unlike most models constructed using PVC plastic materials, these models get designed using quality soft elastic rubber for added durability.


  • Sturdy and strong straps
  • Durable models
  • Holds firmly into place
  • Easy to install


  • Not excellent to deter theft
  • Poor customer service

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3. Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage 

Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage...

If the above models don’t fit your vehicle, then Bumper Thumper come in as the best car bumper protection alternatives. These models aren’t different from the rest, since they all boast value-added features that up to their performance.

Measuring 15” wide, 7” tall, and 2” thick, Bumper Thumper guards covers the entire bumpers to offer them maximum protection. Moreover, they don’t have any citations that might obscure viewing of the vehicle plate.

Worry less about the license plate and the vehicle guard against attaining scratches and dents whatsoever. Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage models boast patent-pending frame designs to offer covered components excellent protection.

Another thing that makes these guards stand out is the quality constructions that enable them to stay longer to provide a service. Unlike other market bumper guards, manufacturers construct these models using premium all-weather and impact-absorbing foam material for added durability.

Like other premium bumper guards, these models boast locking side straps to deter theft cases at all times. Nevertheless, installing Bumper Thumper guards is the simplest of all models we have in the market today.

Customer packages include the bumper head and all installation screws to ease fixing processes. That’s not all, manufacturers design screws with recessed heads to prevent the possibility of damaging other vehicles.


  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-durable models
  • Excellent protection
  • Hold firmly


  • Warranty not clear
  • Poor customer service

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4. T. Rex Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard for Cars

T-Rex Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard for...
  • Universal fit: this bumper guard fits any car small and...
  • Quality material: made of high density durable and all...
  • Easy handling: lightweight (only 1.5 lb.) this bumper guard...
  • 360 degree protection: extra wide (72 inches) the bumper...
  • Secured in place: with the 2 Velcro straps the bumper...

Most people rush over purchasing products in the market and end up being frustrated after they find them not fit. You can avoid such after-purchase regrets and frustrations by choosing universal fit best rear bumper protection guards.

With their universal designs, T. Rex Bumper Protectors make the perfect solutions for both large and small vehicle models. Manufacturers construct them with 31” extended straps on either side to provide bumpers excellent protection.

Moreover, most people love these bumper guards due to their excellent construction, assuring buyers service for an extended period. Manufacturers design these guards using quality ¼ inch all-weather foam materials that don’t damage even under harsh climatic conditions.

Handling T. Rex Bumper Protector guards is easiest in the market than other models. With only 1.5 lb., these models are the lightest, and you can install them even in a breath.

Like other premium bumper guards we have around, these models offer maximum protection to the entire vehicle guards. Measuring 72 inches wide, these options cover not only the guards but also the corners for maximum protection.

Nevertheless, drivers should not worry about their bumper guards remaining on the road, especially when driving in rough terrains. They have two Velcro straps that attach them securely in place on the truck.


  • Attaches securely into place
  • Excellent protectors
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Boast universal design


  • Ruins bumpers
  • Not perfect for all bumpers

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5. FH Group F16408 F16408BLACK Universal Fit Rear BumperButler 

FH Group F16408 Universal Fit Rear Black...
  • WARNING: Intended to be used on parked vehicles ONLY. Never...
  • Dimensions: 43 X 11 inches
  • Easy installation with adjustable straps and hook to inside...
  • Patented, durable, and long-lasting rubber design; Fits most...
  • High-Intensity Safety Reflectors make the Bumper Butler...

Ease of installation is a major concern when looking for the best rear bumper guard. You don’t have to look for models that have complications installing, since others might end up improperly done. Get models that come with user manuals as well as all components necessary for installation. FH Group F16408 F16408 models beat the rest since they get designed with adjustable straps to ease the installation process.

What makes FH Group F16408 F16408 bumper guards stand out is their easy and convenient storage process. Unlike other bumper guards around, manufacturers construct these models foldable into the owner’s trunk cargos when not in use.

Another thing that makes the people’s choice is their excellent construction measurement. Measuring 43 X 11 inches, these bumper guards cover the entire guards and corners as well.

Moreover, you need to worry less about the guard getting dirty since manufacturers design them stain and mildew-resistant. When driving, all loose dirt shakes out, or you can vacuum the part to eliminate all hanging dirt. That’s not all, as premium models in the market, these models boast strong straps that help to deter forms of theft. FH Group F16408 F16408 bumper guards are excellent solutions to most sedan vehicle models.


  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent price
  • Attractive models
  • Easy to install


  • The top side flaps down
  • Ruins the bumper paint

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6. BumperBadger HD Edition – 2021 The #1 Rear Bumper Protector and Rear Bumper Guard for Outdoor Street Parking

BumperBadger HD Edition - 2022 The #1 Rear...
  • Patented Top Stabilizer Bars – Keeps Product Flat on the...
  • Premium Quality Material – All Weather Protection
  • Impact Absorption Zones – Raised Ribs Cushion Minor...
  • Extra Wide Protection Area For Maximum Protection - 46...
  • Triple Stitched Trunk Straps - For Durability and Strength

Most people would love to purchase products that can give them an effective service for an extended period. Apart from boasting other value-added features, BumperBadger HD Edition models beat the rest due to their utmost durability.

Unlike other bumper guards, these models boast triple-stitched trunk straps that add their strength. Moreover, the manufacturers design them using quality all-weather protection materials for added durability.

The area covered by the guard is also of importance when selecting the best license plate bumper guard models. Measuring 46 inches x 12 inches, BumperBadger HD Edition models are wide enough to cover bumpers entirely for maximum protection.

Additionally, these bumper guards stand out in the market due to their capability to cushion parking bumps, even the minor ones. They get constructed with linear raised ribbing meant to offer an excellent impact zone to the bumper guards.

After installations, you need to ensure that the product is kept firmly in place and the best positions. BumperBadger models boast patented stabilizer bars specially meant to maintain the flat and stable to add up to overall protection.

Consequently, as a maintenance technique, you need to clean you’re your guard regularly if you need an excellent service for an extended period. Also, always ensure you flip off the bumper guard whenever you park the vehicle.


  • Affordable models
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Excellent performers
  • Quality bumper guards


  • Poor adhesive stick
  • Improve on customer service

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7. Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Front Bumper Guard 

TG-GD6T60028 Front Bumper Guard Compatible...
  • US design patented TYGER Guard ! The kit includes one bumper...
  • Made of heavy-duty 2.5inch tubing frame with durable...
  • Pre-welded light mount channel for optional LED...
  • Easy bolt-on installation. May interfere front sensors if...
  • TYGER no-hassle 5 year warranty for US customers against...

Quality is the most important factor bumper guard buyers should consider when doing purchases for these items. Whenever we talk about quality, we need to look at the expertise employed to construct that product.

Made in the US, manufacturers design them using 2.5-inch quality tubing flames for effective results over an extended period. Moreover, they get covered with lasting black finishes, preventing rust when used in harsh climatic conditions.

Like other front bumper guard for cars, installing Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028 models is hassle-free and doesn’t consume time. Customer packages include the bumper guard with all installing hardware and components that make the fixing process easy.

Also, manufacturers include DIY installation manuals in the package for buyers to have it easy installing them. Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028 bumper guard models make the perfect solutions for Tacoma car models of 2005-2021.

If you need to relocate your vehicle’s license plate, this is nothing to worry about since there are two pre-drilled holes. In some cases, they might interfere with front sensors if you get an equipped bumper protector.

However, this should also not stress you since everything will work well after removing the factory skid plate completely. Lastly, buyers should never worry about defects to the shipped packages since manufacturers back these models with five years warranty.


  • Solid and sturdy models
  • Adds to the overall vehicle looks
  • Great fit
  • Excellent performers


  • Poorly designed
  • Difficult to install

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8. BumperX 6″ Width. Bumper Protector & Guard. 

BumperX Bumper Protection & Guard. Bumper...
  • Please contact us if you are wondering if this fits your...
  • QUALITY DESIGN -The black rubber will compliment any color...
  • STRONG ADHESION -We use a 3M adhesive designed to stick to...
  • SAVE BIG ON REPAIRS -Use our bumper guard to cover up...
  • DIY FRIENDLY -Will fit most models right out of the box but...

As money is a great consideration to most buyers, we should not forget also the quality of items we purchase. If the above products seem costly to you, then you ought to go for affordable models that can serve you.

As the most affordable models around, these bumper protectors can save you big on regular costly repairs. Apart from them preventing bumpers from scratches and dents, these models also tend to cover up existing damaged parts.

Wherever you drive or park your vehicle, you should never worry about your defender bumper guard falling off. For one, these models have special 3M adhesives meant to hold them firmly on vehicles to avoid falling cases.

Even if you park on snow or in harsh climatic regions, you are assured that the bumper guard won’t fall. Additionally, installing these rubber bumper guard models is easy since you just trim them with scissors and fit them to their respective places.

Consequently, the manufacturer ensured that they produce quality bumper guards to compete with premium models in the market. BumperX 6″ Width. Bumper Protectors get constructed using quality EPDM rubber for additional bumper protection. Whenever they gather dirt and any discoloration, use a clean cloth and vegetable oil to wipe off the dirt. However, you should never use these bumper guards over backup sensors, ask an expert how to go about it.


  • Great quality models
  • Excellent adhesive
  • Easy to install
  • Protects bumpers excellently


  • Made of thin rubber
  • Manufacturer rolls them wrongly

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9. CityBumper – Premium Quality Rear Bumper Guard

CityBumper - Premium Quality Rear Bumper...
  • All Weather Premium Quality - Can Be Used Rain or Shine
  • Shock Absorbing Ribs (Cushions Parking Bumps)
  • Soft Touch Trunk Straps Pads
  • 42" x 12" Extra Wide Surface
  • Two Tone Trunk Security Straps (Yellow/Black)

Here comes in the best rear bumper guard, taking the ninth slot because of their excellent features that improve their performance. If you are worried about your guard getting damaged in certain climatic conditions, these are the guards to consider. Manufacturers construct them using all-weather quality materials that make them perfect both in shine and rain. They are also extra wide to cover the entire bumper for maximum protection against dents and scratches.

Unlike other rear bumper protector rubber models, these models boast unique features that enable them to provide excellent results. For instance, they feature hollow horizontal shock-absorbing ribs that form a cushion barrier to all parking bumps.

Moreover, these are premium bumper guards that need protection against theft to continue providing you a service. Unlike other market wrap around bumper guard models, these brands have two-tone trunk traps that deter them from theft.

Consequently, installing CityBumper bumper safe bumper protector models is a breeze, like other bumper guards we have in the market. Fixing them just entails getting them out of the box and attaching the Velcro straps to the trunk.

Nevertheless, manufacturers ship customer packages including user manuals for guidance on how to install and use the product. Always ensure you regularly clean the guard using clean water and wash soap to maintain them in the best condition.


  • Premium quality
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Great price
  • Excellent performers


  • Broke truck lids
  • Small

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10. Parking Armor 4.2 – (42″ Wide x 12″ Tall) Indoor/Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector

Parking Armor 4.2 - (42" Wide x 12" Tall)...
  • 42" x 12" Bumper Protection Area *** WEATHER RESISTANT...
  • Waterproof Steel Reinforced Straps - SRS Straps (Helps Deter...
  • 2" EXTRA Thick Hi-Density Foam Core - ULTRA BRITE Silver...
  • Soft Anti-Skid Foam Pads Behind Trunk Straps (Soft On Paint...
  • “Flex-Body” Structure - Allows Parking Armor To Flex...

Lastly, we complete the review with Parking Armor bumper guards stepping in as the most effective models around. As premium models in the market, these bumper guards boast several value-added features that place them on the top list.

For one, the manufacturer constructs them using weather resistance rubber for excellent performance in all climatic conditions without getting damaged. Since they come in three different sizes, ensure you choose the one that covers your bumper completely.

Another thing that makes most people love these bumper guards is the excellent sizes they get constructed. Measuring 42″ x 12″, they cover the whole bumper guards for maximum protection against scratches. Also, they boast flex body structures that enable them to flex around the bumper contours. Nevertheless, Parking Armor bumper guards boast waterproof steel reinforced straps that help to prevent theft cases.

What makes them different and unique from other market options is the 2″ extra thick form core they boast. This material is light, thereby making these bumper guards the best solutions for cushioning parking bumps. Buyers should understand that these aren’t guards for rear and narrow engine vehicles, since they get constructed wide and tall. Nevertheless, you should only employ Parking Armor bumper guards on parked vehicles.


  • Ultra-durable models
  • Covers the entire bumper
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent protectors


  • Too heavy
  • Poor customer service

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Buying the Best Bumper Guard

When out there to purchase bumper guards, you don’t rush purchasing any model you find along. As different bumper guards get designed to serve different purposes, you must understand clearly what you are paying for.

However, since the selection process is somehow hectic, it’s important to have a list of factors that will guide you. Below are four aspects prospective buyers need to consider to make amicable decisions when purchasing these items.


Bumper guard manufacturers design their products using different materials to cover up customer needs in the market. That’s why you will find various bumper guards boasting different durability levels, resilience as well as toughness.

The commonly used materials to construct bumper guards include rubber, steel, plastic, and many other fabrics. What you choose will determine the results that will come out and the time you will receive a service.

For instance, rubber makes a good choice material for bumper guards since they tend to withstand all forms of impact. Compared to other materials employed in constructing bumper guards, rubber tends to have the excellent shock-absorbing ability of all.

Plastic options emerge as the commonly used material in constructing these products due to their versatility. Now, buyers should understand the features and results from different material-made guards to decide the best bumper guard for SUV.

Locations of the Bumper

After having a look at the construction material, you need to understand that these guards fit different vehicle parts. Before you take steps of purchasing them, have an idea about the location of the bumper as well. Regarding these factors, we have the rear, front, corner, and those that fit the vehicle trunk. Have an idea of the side or part you need that needs protection to get the best hitch bumper guard.


Most people dwell most on the cost aspect, without knowing that it should come last in the selection process. Usually, having the cost factor at the top will compromise the quality aspect that is important in your selection. Before you consider the bumper guard price tags, look at the top factors and others that lack in this review. Then, make a list of about four models that can serve you effectively.

With your list, you are going to select the most affordable model of all without worrying about performance. This way, you would have made quality, performing, and the most affordable product of all. Otherwise, considering the cost aspect at the top can ruin everything and regret after making a purchase.


Bumper guards are of great importance to all vehicle owners who need to maintain the look of their machines. Without prior understanding about the products, after purchase regrets is the talk afterward. However, still you can avoid such situations by reading and incorporating our ideas.

Our review provides buyers ideas about the best bumper protector models worthy to give a try in the market. We have also discussed a few factors buyers should incorporate to have it easy when selecting these products. Try it, and you will enjoy the experience of purchasing the best bumper guard for your vehicle.

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