The Best 3 Jaw Puller: Top 7 Picks in 2022

Machines comprise sharp mounted components that help them in one way or the other bringing about effective functionality. But at times, there is a need to remove these components to repair something beneath or clean and maintain them.

Whenever this time comes, you will need to remove the sharp components from their places to give way for maintenance.

However, you can only accomplish such a task effectively and easily with the use of the recommended tools for this project.

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3 Jaw pullers make the most excellent market tools for removing sharp machine components from their respective places. However, with the market saturation of different puller models, purchasing the best option to accomplish tasks isn’t an easy task.

Our review presents the seven best 3 jaw gear puller models that proved to offer effective results over others. We also presented a few factors buyers should employ to settle on the best 3 jaw puller for their daily machine components removal tasks.

The Best 3 Jaw Pullers

Have you ever purchased a product and regret later choosing an option that doesn’t fit your need?

Now, if this has ever got you, there is a need to stay cautious also when purchasing jaw pullers. Otherwise, without the best knowledge about these tools, you will end up regretting it the second time. Below are the seven best 3 jaw pullers worthy of trying.

1. OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit, Adjustable 3-Jaw Puller


OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit,...
  • FOR PRESSED-ON HARMONIC BALANCERS: Harmonic balancer tool is...
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Crankshaft harmonic balancer puller...
  • EASY TO USE: Unique spring-loaded jaws hold the legs in...
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Includes Puller Body, 3-Jaw Puller,...

We represent the OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Pullers on the top slot due to their excellent, versatile work. Most people love them due to their capability to perform a variety of applications. They make the perfect options for 2003 and newer Chevrolet trucks, 1995 and newer Ford, and 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse models.

Moreover, they are excellent solutions to 1988 and newer Generation II Cadillac, GM 2000, 1990 Chrysler, and most late vehicles.

Another thing that makes OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Pullers people’s models is their simple usage mechanism.  These models boast specially designed spring-loaded jaws that hold the legs firmly when employed to remove machine components. OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Pullers remain sturdy throughout the process, thereby making removing components with ease.

Consequently, storing the OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Pullers after use is simple and convenient. Customer packages include storage cases that enable users to store their tools safely after use. Additionally to the easy usage of the machine, these models detailed user manuals to enable users to have easy times using the equipment. OEMTOOLS 25090 Harmonic Balancer Pullers are perfect solutions worthy to taste.


  • Excellent performers
  • Convenient storage
  • Good quality
  • Easy to use


  • Extender rods bend
  • Poor packaging

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2. MOFEEZ 3″ 4″ 6″ Inch 3-Jaw Gear Puller ¨C Gear Removal Tool for Slide Gears, Pulley, and Flywheel 3pc Set


MOFEEZ 3" 4" 6" inch 3-Jaw Gear Puller ¨C...
  • DAMAGE-FREE REMOVAL: This Mofeez 3" 4" 6" Inch 3-Jaw Gear...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from forged and hardened steel...
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Removes slide gears, pulleys, and...
  • 3 OR 6 POSITION DESIGN: The universal and reversible jaws...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Included is a 3-inch gear puller with a...

Next are the MOFEEZ 3″ 4″ 6″ inch 3-Jaw Gear Pullers also constructed to perform a wide range of applications. Most people love them for accomplishing their tasks without damaging the components they work on. They not only make the perfect solution for slide gear removal, but also the flywheels as well as pulleys.

MOFEEZ 3″ 4″ 6″ inch 3-Jaw Gear Pullers beats other market models due to their quality construction. Manufacturers construct them using hardened quality steel for added durability to serve users for an extended period. Moreover, these models boast acme-threaded and cold-rolled steel drive screws to provide excellent results whenever they get employed. Worry less even when working under high stress since the steel drive screws make work easy for you.

Consequently, their grip is amazing and this contributes to the easy completion of tasks stress-free. Manufacturers construct them reversible to make them perfect solutions for both short and long-reach tasks. The 6-inch pullers boast 6 positions, while 3 and 4-inch options boast three positions each.


  • Wide applications
  • Durable models
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent grip


  • Rough tread
  • The Center spindle gets jammed up

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3. DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″


DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller, 3", 4",...
  • Drop-forged Cr-V steel jaws are heat-treated for extra...
  • Three jaws come with fine chrome plating to provide a...
  • Each of the three 3-jaw gear and bearing pullers can be...
  • Three-jaw design balances the pulling force well, and claws...
  • Use the DURATECH 3, 4, 6, and 8-Inch Gear Puller 3 Jaw...

People who yearn for durable models should go for DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″ jaw pullers. Their durability and strength are incomparable with other market brands. Unlike other market models, DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Pullers are heat-treated for additional strength and durability. Moreover, they are also chrome plated to protect them against corrosion whenever exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

A good thing about the DURATECH Pullers is the design they boast that doesn’t need users’ assembly to accomplish tasks. They provide excellent grip as they penetrate easily into hard-to-reach places to accomplish component removal tasks with ease. Furthermore, these models also boast drive screws covered with black phosphate coats to offer maximum protection against damaging agents.

As premium models around, DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller’s reversible designs enable them to remove components from both inside or outside. They boast universal reversible jaws that offer excellent grip with long, short, extra-long, and standard reach. DURATECH 4-Piece 3-Jaw Gear Puller works well with ratchets, wrench, sprocket pullers, flywheel pullers, bearing pullers, pulley pullers, etc. Nevertheless, manufacturers precisely machine them to provide a secure and non-slip grip.


  • Solid and sturdy models
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent grip
  • Versatile jaw pullers


  • Jaw grippers are not flat
  • Doesn’t work with the bearing kit

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4. GEARWRENCH 2 or 3 Jaw Internal/External Ratcheting Puller Set, 2 and 5 Ton – 3627


GEARWRENCH 2 or 3 Jaw Internal/External...
  • Ratcheting pullers have a time-saving, indexing jaw design
  • Legs index into position and stay in place, letting you...
  • Pullers can also be converted to two- and three-leg pullers
  • Jaws can be reversed from external to internal style in...
  • Maximum spread of 3-1/4 inches on 2 ton puller

These incredible 3 jaw puller sets feature ratcheting that is designed for time-saving. Moreover, they also come with an indexing jaw design. They are easy to use because their legs index into position and remain in place and the best position.

Consequently, these set of 3 jaw pullers are the best because of the versatility that they come with. You can convert the pullers easily to two- and 3-leg pullers, depending on what you intend to pull.

Moreover, these GEARWRENCH 2 or 3 Jaw Internal/External Ratcheting Pullers feature reversible jaws. You can reverse them to pull parts internally or externally within seconds.

The GEARWRENCH 2 or 3 Jaw Internal/External Ratcheting Pullers have incredible spread and reach. The 2-ton puller features a maximum spread of 3- ¼ inches, while the 5-ton puller bears a maximum spread of 5 inches. Hence, you can manoeuvre easily in tighter spaces. Additionally, these 3 jaw pullers feature blow mold cases for easy storage and organization


  • Durable models
  • High-quality build material
  • Jaws stay in place
  • Good design and great value


  • Extremely dangerous
  • Hard to maneuver

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5. Posi Lock 108 8″ Reach, 0.75″ – 12″ Spread, 37479 lbs Capacity 3 Jaw Puller


Posi Lock 108 8" Reach, 0.75" - 12" Spread,...
  • Manual puller with 17 Ton Capacity, 8 inch reach
  • Package Dimension : 52.832 centimeters L x 22.352...
  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES
  • Item Package weight : 14.65 pounds

The Posi Lock 3 Jaw Pullers are another set of exceptional 3 jaw pullers in the market. They set the standard for ease of use, convenience, and quickness thanks to their Posi Lock line of bearing pullers and manual gear.

These 12 inch 3 jaw puller models feature a patented steel cage, which securely locks the puller jaws in place hence, preventing them from snapping back from the work surface. Moreover, the presence of the T-handle that opens and closes the jaws to be operated by a single person.

Furthermore, these 3 jaw pullers boast center bolt threads that are specially designed to offer less effort during torque application. These center bolts feature high-strength steel for maximum strength. The presence of slim tapered jaws also makes them ideal for easier gripping and improved access to the tight spots.

Apart from the slim tapered jaws, these pullers also are nut-recessed to allow you to avoid disfiguring and mushrooming from the impact. Furthermore, these pullers feature a heat-treated tip that ensures maximum durability


  • Solid and well-built
  • Secure models
  • Holds tightly
  • Great quality


  • A bit expensive
  • Not larger enough

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6. Orion Motor Tech 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set

Orion Motor Tech 3" 4" 6" 8" 3-Jaw Gear...
  • Universal Removal Tool: This 3-jaw removal tool set works...
  • Better Together: This professional or home tool kit includes...
  • Versatile Design: Each of the three smaller 3-jaw gear and...
  • 45# Carbon Steel: All parts are made with premium...
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Along with this gear and bearing...

Our number six on the list is the Orion Motor Tech 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set. These pullers are the best in this category because they offer multiple uses. You can use this 3-jaw removal set when working on your ratchet, wrench, sprocket puller, pulley puller flywheel puller, etc.

Another thing that makes the Orion Motor Tech 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set the best, is its composition of four puller sizes. The puller sizes make it ideal for them to cover many applications.

One of the pullers features a 3-inch gear with a maximum spread of 3 and a maximum reach of 2.3. A 4-inch gear puller bears a maximum reach of 3 and 4 maximum spread. 6-inch gear puller with a 4.7 maximum reach and a maximum spread of 6.

Moreover, manufacturers build these 3 jaw pullers with a versatile design. You can reverse each of the three smaller 3-jaw gear pullers to pull parts from outside or inside. You can use the 8 inch 3 Jaw Puller in 4 various positions to handle both the large and medium parts.

For maximum strength, the Orion Motor Tech 3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 3-Jaw Gear Puller Set comes with heat-treated 45# carbon steel parts. For increased superior corrosion resistance, manufacturers galvanize these jaws. These 3 jaw pullers are also backed with OMT’s warranty and excellent customer service.


  • Good for the price
  • Great value
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use


  • Not flexible
  • Hard to set up

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7. Pro-Grade 18221 10-Inch Reversible 2 & 3 Combination Jaw Gear, Pullers

Pro-Grade 18221 10-Inch Reversible 2 & 3...
  • 2 or 3 reversible jaws for inside or outside pulling needs
  • Made from hardened carbon steel for maximum strength
  • Fine thread center bolt for controlled pull
  • 5-ton capacity

Lastly, the Pro-Grade Combination Jaw Gear Pullers is another incredible models. Manufacturers design it with 2 or 3 reversible jaws, which allow you to perform both the inside and outside pulling.

Apart from the reversible jaws, these exceptional 3 jaw pullers are constructed using hardened carbon steel. The carbon steel is responsible for offering maximum strength to the 3-jaw puller. Additionally, these 10 inch 3 jaw puller models feature a fine thread centre bolt that enables you to achieve controlled pulling.

Pro-Grade 18221 10-Inch Reversible 2 & 3 Combination Jaw Gear Pullers are designed to offer excellent performance. Manufacturers guarantee a lifetime warranty to their customers. They are built to stand out from the rest even in the toughest conditions. Both the flare nut styles and open-end combinations are hot-drop drawn from chrome vanadium alloy, heat-treated for increased strength.

Moreover, the Pro-Grade 18221 10-Inch Reversible 2 & 3 Combination Jaw Gear Pullers to come with a 5-ton capacity. The box ends are precision broached for a secure and smooth fit. Nevertheless, the dyne-drive torque system improves performance drastically, unlike conventional wrench driving systems


  • Decent quality
  • Good for the price
  • Very sturdy unit
  • Robust models


  • Reach not specified
  • Some rust in the package

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Buying the Best 3 Jaw Puller

3 jaw puller reviews present top models mechanics and home users should consider enjoying the services these tools offer. But then, what is the best 3 jaw pullers overall from the top options worthy to consider? Once you have an idea about them and their features, employ a shopping guide to select the best overall. Below are four aspects buyers should employ to decide the best 3 jaw puller set that fits their needs.

Mechanical or Hydraulic

In the market, we have both hydraulic and mechanic jaw pullers performing similar tasks. However, the labor one employs operating these models gives a difference between the two brands. It’s upon the user to do all calculations before determining what to take home.

Research about these types is paramount for you to determine the difference existing between them.

For instance, most people prefer hydraulic models since they are easy to use. Most of these models employ hand-powered pumps to execute a function. You also require other additional components like the gauge and hose to operate the hydraulic jaw pullers. If this is stressful to you, then don’t hesitate to go for a mechanical model.

The Reach

After deciding what to purchase between the two types of jaw pullers, consider the reach of the model. What is the distance between the head and the pulling surface of the heavy-duty 3 jaw puller you intend to purchase? Is the distance sufficient to reach the components deep inside?

These are the questions buyers should ask themselves to get a model with excellent reach to purchase.

Under this aspect, you need to find out exactly where or the work you intend to douse your puller. If you intend to remove components deep inside or hard-to-reach places, go for one that boasts sufficient reach. Moreover, you can opt for models that boast inside profiles or reversible designs that are best to remove deeper components.

Locking mechanism

The pulling process is hectic, especially when dealing with components that are deep inside. That’s why you get advised to seek the help of a good jaw puller to accomplish the task easily.

Locking mechanisms hold as important aspects to consider when purchasing these items. It determines how fast and easy you will accomplish the removing processes.

Excellent locking mechanisms prevent slipping off of the jaws when removing components. Once the jaws bite the component, the handle locks the jaws to hold the component firmly.

This enables easy pulling of the component upon turning of the spindle. Jaw pullers with poor locking mechanisms can give you hard times removing components since they will always slip off while using.


Lastly, we have the cost aspect being an important factor when purchasing these tools. However, don’t have it as your guiding factor since it might mislead you. Always consider the cost aspect the last to avoid compromising the quality of the products.

After comparing different jaw pullers with the features they boast, then look at their cost value. Choose about three options that seem to give you excellent service. From your list, compare their price tags and choose the most affordable option of all.

How to Use 3 Jaw Pullers:

Any small job may seem a large one too many if they lack the best tools and the expertise as well. After the insight about the best 3 jaw pullers, we should look at the expertise that you need to effectively use these tools.

Having the best tool is essential because there are many types of bearing pullers and gears. Ideally, all of them work the same way because they are designed with hooks on the end which hook behind the item you remove. The center bolt helps you to tighten down. Here is a quick guide showing simple tips on how to use the 3 jaw pullers.

Clean the area

You need to ensure that the part that you are removing is clean before you start any process, otherwise, you may miss everything. Assess the part where the item is located and use compressed air to remove all the debris. You also need to inspect the part where your item will slide over when pulling and get rid of any rust using sandpaper or related abrasives.

Install the tool

The next step is threading the center pin out to create room for the puller arms to hook the part you are removing from behind. After locating the arms behind the part, tighten down the centre screw and allow the pin to contact with the centre shaft.

Moreover, while at this stage, ensure that all the 3 jaws are in position and securely located. You should check regularly while applying tension for them to settle into place. The 3 jaw puller manufacturers include a dimple in the center shaft to enable the tool to ride on, hence, the pin remains in that recess.

Pulling the part off

While applying tension to the center shaft, you are unlikely to see the pulley moving visually. Nevertheless, don’t continue tightening the puller down because it may cause damage.  Consider using a wrench or a ratchet to tighten it down by your hand until it’s tight enough. Now, after achieving that, take a hammer tap lightly on the shaft to make it vibrate loose.

In some instances, the part may not come loose and what you get is an extremely stuck thing. Here, you need to introduce heat. When you are not a novice user of a torch, you can use it to lightly heat the part to break it free of its heat.

At times the part that is pressed in is prone to corrosion and the heat is ideal to soften it up and start moving. Novice users of this method are advised to desist from it.

Sometimes you can find that you don’t fit the arms of the puller behind the part. You can opt to modify the arms and get them in a tight area. Ensure you don’t remove too much material because that lowers the integrity of the arms and can easily make your product lose the warranty terms.

Maintaining Jaw Pullers

Above all, maintaining your jaw puller is the perfect way of keeping them strong to give you an extended service. Regular cleaning and oiling jaw pullers is everything you should do to maintain them. After using your puller, ensure you clean and store them in a good place free from damaging agents. Maintain your 3 jaw puller in their stable conditions to enjoy component removal exercises anywhere and anytime.


3 jaw pullers are must-have devices at home and workplaces to accomplish component removal tasks with ease. Employing other sharp objects to remove various machine components can turn out difficult as well as damage components. However, with the best 3 jaw pullers, you will carry out tasks without worries of damaging components at all. But have you gotten a hint of the perfect models worthy to try?

Our review has done it all to provide buyers a hint of the best 3jaw pullers they can give a try. These jaws are strong and feature excellent features that make component removal exercise easy.

Moreover, we have discussed a few factors employed to select the best 3 jaw puller overall to use in their removal activities. Reading the 3 jaw puller reviews and grasping information in it will enable you to make an amicable decision when purchasing 3 jaw pullers to use.

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