Best 16 inch Wheel Covers

Best Wheel Covers in 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

Drivers can testify that wheel covers determine the overall performance of the car’s wheels, as well as the ride to expect. However, with several car wheel cover brands in the market, identifying the best fit to purchase becomes a hard task. If selecting the best 16 inch wheel covers is still stressful to you, worry less, you are the best platform.

Herein, you will get an idea of the top models experts have tested and identified as the best options to try. Also, we shall provide a hint of factors buyers should consider narrowing down their selection. Information in this review will enable you to make an amicable decision when purchasing wheel covers.

Top 5 16-inch Wheel Covers

Don’t go into the market without a clear idea of what you intend to purchase. Since wheel covers determine an individual’s ride, it’s important to make a good choice from the existing options. Below are the top five tested wheel covers experts recommend worthy to purchase.

1. Pilot Automotive WH553-16S-BS Black/Silver 16-Inch 16″ Spyder Performance Wheel Cover


Pilot Automotive WH553-16S-BS Black/Silver 16...
  • Easy, secure installation utilizing a micro-adjustable...
  • Wheel covers fit most models of vehicle brands including...
  • Constructed of corrosion and rust-resistant ABS, with a...
  • Economical way to give a big visual upgrade to your...
  • Designed to fit 16 inch wheels on most foreign and domestic...

We are all looking for economical ways to upgrade our lives, systems, and everything we use. Car owners are all day long looking and designing new ways of upgrading their car profiles. Pilot Automotive WH553-16S-BS wheel covers are excellent solutions for people who need to upgrade their vehicles. They have undergone testing and ascertained to be the most economic ways of giving vehicles a big visual upgrade.

What makes the Pilot Automotive WH553-16S-BS wheel covers excellent models worthy to test is their great versatility. These wheel covers are excellent solutions to most vehicle models including Subaru, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, etc. Manufacturers design them to fit most domestic and foreign vehicles that come with 16-inch wheels.

Being premium models in the market, manufacturers consider most the installation aspect when designing them. These models come with user manuals to guide buyers in installing the covers with ease. Buyers can also refer to an online installation process video to accomplish the installation project. Moreover, they use micro-adjustable retention systems to ensure they fit perfectly into place.

Consequently, Pilot Automotive WH553-16S-BS is the most durable model around that promises users excellent services for an extended period. Manufacturers construct them using rust-resistant ABS materials with lasting finishes. On the hubcap, there are tightness adjustments to ensure they fit excellently into the steel wheels.


  • Durable wheel covers
  • Fits most 16-inch domestic and foreign cars
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Easy to install


  • Made of plastic prone to scratches
  • Fits steel wheels only

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2. Alpena 58260 VR Carbon Wheel Cover Kit – Black – 16-Inch – Pack of 4


Alpena 58260 VR Carbon Wheel Cover Kit -...
  • Includes 4-Wheel Covers
  • Offers Secure and Easy Installation Using the Adjustable...
  • Features a Premium Quality Durable ABS Plastic Construction
  • Offers an Exciting Way to Add a Stylish Look to a Vehicle
  • Sized to Fit 16-Inch Steel Wheels

Ease of installation is a paramount consideration when looking for the best wheel covers to upgrade your vehicle. If this is your main concern in the selection process, then choose nothing other than the Alpena 58260 VR Covers. Unlike the Honda 16 inch wheel covers, these models employ adjustable ring systems for users to enjoy the easy and secure installation. They are excellent solutions for adding stylish looks to your vehicle.

For a complete installation and upgrade of your vehicle, you need a change of all covers to the four wheels. You don’t have to purchase separate options that might waste time and even make you spend more in the process. Alpena customer packages contain four wheel covers to complete your car upgrade once.

Moreover, just like Toyota 16 inch wheel covers, these wheel covers get designed to fit a variety of car models. They fit almost all domestic and foreign steel wheels that measure 16-inches. That’s not all, these are also great representations of durable wheel covers we have in the market. Manufacturers design them using premium ABS plastic material to add to their durability and overall performance.


  • Offer stylish looks
  • Improves vehicle handling
  • Easy installation
  • Combats to most 16-inch wheels


  • Doesn’t conceal wheels perfectly
  • Sometimes they disengage

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3. Genuine Honda (44733-TA5-A00) 16″ Wheel Cover


Genuine Honda (44733-TA5-A00) 16" Wheel Cover
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials and to the...

Don’t just rush over anything you get in the market if you need to avoid after-purchase frustrations. Before going for a particular product, it’s important to research it to ensure you take the best fit product. Genuine Honda (44733-TA5-A00) 16″ Wheel Covers takes the third slot in 16 inch wheel cover reviews for beating the rest for their great durability. Manufacturers design them using premium quality materials that guarantee users’ services for an extended period.

Apart from their excellent durability, these models offer a stylish, lasting upgrade to your vehicle. Manufacturers have constructed them to the exact vehicle specifications for easy and hassle-free installation.

That’s not all, you don’t have to purchase these covers from different stores to complete upgrading your vehicle. Shipped packages contain four wheel covers to ensure installation is accomplished once.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable wheel covers
  • Attractive models
  • Improves vehicle handling


  • Breaks easily
  • Might fall off when driving in bumpy places

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4. Autostyle PP5153B Set Wheel Covers VR 13-inch Black/Carbon-Look/Logo


AUTO-STYLE CAR+ PP5153B VR Logo Wheel Covers...
  • Made of ABS plastics
  • 13-Inch
  • Gives your car a new look
  • Easy to install

As part of the selection process, buyers usually tend to forget into looking at compatibility factors. This is as important as any other factor if you need to have a stress-free installation process. Autostyle PP5153B Set Wheel Covers takes this slot due to its excellent versatility. Boasting universal designs, these wheel covers make the perfect solution to several car models in the market.

Like the 2006 chevy malibu 16 inch wheel covers, installing Autostyle PP5153B Set Wheel Covers is easy and hassle-free. Manufacturers design them with exact car specifications to ensure they fit easily into place. That’s not all, these are a great presentation of stylish and economic wheel cover-worthy to try.


  • Easy to install
  • Offer stylish looks
  • Versatile models
  • Combats to most vehicle models


  • Prone to breaking
  • Not quality

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5. Silver 16″ Hubcap Wheel Covers for Chevrolet HHR/Malibu – Set of 4


Lastly, we have the Silver 16 inch bolt-on hubcaps taking this slot for what they have shown they can provide. As you understand, there are no universal wheel covers in the market. Like other market brands, the Silver 16″ Hubcap Wheel Covers get designed to fit particular tire sizes. Manufacturers design them to fit all 16″ domestic and foreign tires.

Buyers usually find it hard times purchasing separate wheel covers from different sellers to fit their vehicles. That’s now something of the past, since today, they include four-wheel covers of similar model and design. This enables buyers to fit their vehicles with matching covers to add to the aesthetic look of the vehicle.

Consequently, Silver 16″ Hubcap Wheel Covers are an excellent representation of durable models we have in the market. Manufacturers design them using quality ABS material for added durability and protection to provide a service for an extended period. Before purchasing them, ensure you check the size carefully to avoid after-purchase regrets.


  • Fits most 16-inch domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Stylish looks
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to clean


  • Made of plastic that is prone to breakage
  • Poor packaging

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Best Wheel Cover Buying Guide


Once you are done with the size, consider the material employed to construct the wheel covers you intend to purchase. Wheel cover manufacturers use either metal or plastic ABS materials to construct these products. Even all options can give you a service, their durability differs here.

Experts recommend metal wheel covers since they stay stronger to provide a service for an extended period. Plastic-designed 16 inch wheel covers black models can still work, but they are prone to cracks since they still go through different weather cycles. However, those who are looking for more investment wheel covers should go for the metal options.


Apart from the size and material, buyers should mind big about the style of the 16 inch wheel covers. The design of the wheel covers you plan to purchase matters. What you will choose should match your car and your overall needs.

Under this aspect, you are going to look at the finishes the covers you intend to purchase boasts. Moreover, you need to look at the color of the wheel covers and ensure they match your vehicle. That’s not all, you should also look at other special features that will add up to your ride results. Consider all aspects that can make your ride excellent and comfortable at all times.


Lastly, we have the price aspect coming in as part of the important factors when purchasing 16 inch hubcaps o’reilly. Even if the aspect appears at the top of every buyer, this should take the last slot in every purchase. Having this aspect at the top shall compromise with the quality and end up purchasing poor quality products.

In your selection process, scrutinize different wheel covers using their features and all other important aspects. Come up with a list of the top four models that are worthy to consider as you view them. From your list, choose the most affordable model that will also give you excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the work of the wheel covers?

The core purpose of wheel covers is to improve the vehicle’s overall handling capabilities and style enhancement. They also protect the lug nuts and wheels from accumulating dirt, abrasion, and even rusting.

#2. Is there a difference between hubcaps and wheel covers?

Yes, wheel covers offer wheels more protection compared to the hubcaps. The reasoning behind this is the different area sizes that these two components cover. Wheel covers protect the entire wheel, while the hubcaps just fit the central part.

#3. Is the installation process of wheel covers simple?

Installing wheel covers is both simple and difficult, depending on the material employed in constructing them. Moreover, the technology employed to construct particular models matters for their installation process. Plastic models are easy to install even at home, while metal options require professionals to accomplish the installation.

#4. Are there all fit wheel covers in the market?

No, no wheel covers are boasting universal designs to fit all wheels for all car models in the market. Depending on the size of your vehicle tires, you must find a model that fits precisely. Consult the user manual or the vehicle tires to have a hint of the size of wheel covers that will fit your car model.

#5. How do you determine the best size wheel cover to purchase?

Knowing the size of your wheel is paramount in choosing the best size wheel covers to fit your car wheels. At the sidewalls of the tires, the manufacturer has indicated the size ending with an R. That’s the number you should note down and use to select wheel covers that fit your vehicle tires.

Installing Wheel Covers

There are different ways of installing wheel covers depending on the model and material used to construct them. Installing other models is simple since you don’t even require jacking up your vehicle or any advanced tool to accomplish it.

Installing Wheel Covers

However, there are models you will require removing lug nuts before you can install the new wheel covers. Below are the steps involved in simply installing wheel covers.

Jack up the car

Your initial step to install wheel covers is jacking up the vehicle to have sufficient space to accomplish the job. However, there are other vehicles you don’t require raising to install them. After this, you will work on the lug nuts, since they attach the wheel covers to the vehicle tires. But still, there are models you don’t require removing them to accomplish this project.

When jacking up the vehicle, you need to understand that this is best done in an appropriate place. You can consider doing it on any solid level surface like for instance on concrete or blacktop.

Removing Lug Nuts

After lifting your car and creating enough space to do everything with ease, detach the lug nuts. Get a tire iron to unscrew all the lug nuts that hold the wheel cover into place. Collect them in a container, since you will need them to mount back new covers. Be careful where you place them, since driving vehicles without all lug nuts holding the wheel cover is not recommended.

Lining the Wheel Cover

Now, after unscrewing the lug nuts, position the wheel cover in line with the valve stem. The backside of your wheel cover is the retention ring that should have an indentation. Moreover, the center hole of your wheel cover should align itself the same way.

While doing all this, you need to ensure you have it easy to add air to the tires. After aligning the wheel cover, the gap left allows valve stems to pass through for easy adding air when required. Achieving everything as required needs excellent alignment of the gap in the retention ring and cover for the stem to pass through.

People who find it difficult doing the alignment should worry less since the manufacturers cover them well. Wheel cover manufacturers have drawn the valve stem to guide installers where it should pass through. Follow the guidelines closely to avoid messing up with the required installation alignment.

Installing the wheel cover

After you have completed aligning these components, fix the wheel cover into its place. Do this by pressing it into the wheel before you start fixing the lug nuts back. Those who never unscrew the nuts to install the covers should ensure the covers get into their place. Ensure it’s tight into place to avoid coming off while busy driving.

Screw back the nuts

Lastly, you should screw the lug nuts back to their respective places if you unscrewed them. Fit them one after the other by hand to ensure they are excellently threaded. After that, use your tire iron to tighten them back to hold the cover into place. Get off the jack and repeat re-tightening the nuts to ensure they hold firmly.

How to Maintain a Wheel Cover?

Wheel covers are excellent protection to the vehicle’s tires. They are also get designed to give vehicles a beautiful appearance, making for easy identification. Maintaining the vehicle entails good care of its parts and how you operate it. Below are a few ways car owners can maintain their wheel covers to serve them for an extended period.

Using wheel cover cleaners

Car wheels step on all environments, and they gather all forms of dirt on the way. More and more dust and dirt accumulating on the wheel covers can destroy them in the shortest time. In such situations, you need for cleaning them to maintain them serving you effectively.

Vehicle cleaning liquids cannot remove the stains on wheel covers easily. We have specially designed wheel cover cleaning formulas meant for such tasks. Clients always get advice to ensure they have bought the recommended formulation to accomplish the cleaning tasks with ease.

Some get designed for metal wheels covers and others for painted or clear coated plastic models. For the metal wheels covers, you will choose from the different formulations available depending on whether they have satin, aluminum, or chrome finishes. After cleaning, these wheel covers need extra protection using a wheel cover polish.

Checking the wheel alignment

Your wheel cover alignment is important if you need to enjoy services for an extended period. Experts recommend checking the cover alignment after every thirty thousand miles. Read the manufacturer’s recommendation and all you should check with the wheel covers after a certain driving period.

When installing new tires, you must ensure the covers align themselves well into their respective places. Having an improper alignment of the wheel covers reduces their life and can cause poor handling. When steering becomes stiffer than normal or the vehicle moves to one side, there is an alignment problem. Stop immediately and rectify the problem before driving off.

Lubing lug nuts

Lug nuts seize or freeze to the studs due to corrosion when they are not lubricated. And have an idea that repairing them is even expensive than getting new ones to replace worn-out options. Lubricating them serves as a good way of ensuring they remain in the best state. When changing or rotating your wheel covers, ensure you have taken along the lubricant.

Stud threads are to be cleaned with a wire brush and wipe with the lubricant. Consequently, you can overcome the freezing of lug nuts by spraying them with stud lubricant. Allow the lubricant to penetrate for about twenty to thirty minutes, and use a heat gun to apply heat.

Removing lug nuts when changing wheel covers also contributes big here. You need to use recommended lug nut removing tools to accomplish this project as required. A ratchet wrench is a perfect tool you can employ to unscrew the lug nuts when changing wheel covers.

Wheel covers and center caps can go off the car wheels, as you are driving, if not fit correctly. They can end up being damaged by getting jammed against curbs while parking or loosening over time.

When wheel covers loosen, you just remove them and move the metal clips slightly outward. Retaining the wire ring that snaps into tabs on the wheel covers. Care should be taken while installing the caps to avoid bending or breaking the tabs.

Lastly, not all projects are meant to be done at home, even if they are simple to do. Changing wheel covers is both an easy and complicated activity, depending on the models you purchase. All-wheel cover installing tasks need an expert to accomplish them the best way. If you need to handle it yourself, ensure you have the knowledge to do it effectively.


Wheel covers are essential in improving vehicles’ looks as well as overall handling experience. But with the market saturation with these products, selecting the best fit models isn’t a task to rush over. You need to research different covers in the market before you can make a selection.

16 inch wheel cover reviews provide prospective buyers a hint of the best 16 inch wheel covers they should try. These models not only add to the overall look of the vehicle but also improve its handling. The shopping guide presents ideas on how to choose the best model overall from the available models. Incorporate the ideas and make a decision that you won’t regret.

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