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The Best 12v Car Fans 2022: (Review & Buyers Guide)

Car owners and users always yearn for nice experiences when on the road every day. However, this only comes with the best devices and tools packed in the car to provide such experiences. 12 V car fans are important vehicle devices that keep car owners and other passengers on board have a wonderful experience while on the road. But with the market saturation of these devices, making a selection of the best 12v car fan isn’t an easy task.

We have tried several fans for cars without ac and come to a stand of options worthy to try. We limited the selection to seven car fans to narrow down the hectic selection processes that prospective buyers encounter. Also, we have prepared a shopping guide to help buyers make an amicable decision of the best fit option worthy to consider.

The Best 12V Car Fans

After a surge on several market models, we are glad to represent the top market options experts recommend trying. They have undergone inspection from the initial construction stages to ensure they provide the best experiences. Below are the top seven 12 V car fans worthy of trying if you need to get wonderful driving experiences.

1. Alagoo 12V 6”Car Cooling Fan Automobile Vehicle Clip Fan

Alagoo 12V 6''Car Cooling Fan Automobile...
  • 【Big Clamp Design】- This car vehicle cooling fan is...
  • 【Rotatable】- High efficient fan rotating, remove the...
  • 【Quiet & 2.5m Cord】- Strong wind but low noise. Come...
  • 【Low Energy Consumption】- Low energy consumption, low...
  • 【Multiple Application】- Excellent Car Ventilation Fan...

Our review starts by presenting Alagoo 12V 6”Car Cooling Fans on the top for the rewarding experiences they provide. For one, people love them due to their excellent performance without making irritating noise. Alagoo 12V 6”Car Cooling Fans also come with a 2.5 m long plug power cable to ensure they serve all people on board. People at the back seat, your pet, and everything will feel the wonderful cool throughout the driving period.

Another thing that makes Alagoo 12V 6”Car Cooling Fans worthy is their construction designs. These cooling fans boast big adjustable clamps to enable users to mount them with ease on their vehicles. Moreover, these fans beat the rest due to the multiple applications they get designed to provide. They are perfect models for all family cars, boats, SUVs, Sedans, Trucks, and RV cars. However, they don’t make the best options for 2V trucks.

That’s not all, experts recommend these car fans due to their minimal energy consumption rate. Their big adjustable clips maintain them stable while rotating in all directions to blow cooling air in the vehicle. Consequently, their high efficient rotating power enables them to remove all odors in the car effectively and quickly.


  • Great speed control
  • Good quality
  • Excellent performer
  • Quiet models


  • Not suitable for hot weather cars
  • Poor packaging

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2. Car Fan, XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat Passenger 

Car Fan, XOOL Electric Car Fans for Rear Seat...
  • ❄【FEEL COOL】 With 2 rotatable fan heads, 12V electric...
  • ❄【ADJUSTABLE CAR FAN】 XOOL car fan can be rotated by...
  • ❄【AIR CIRCULATION】 XOOL car fan is perfect for...
  • ❄【COMPATIBILITY】 XOOL car fans fit all mini small...
  • ❄【WONDERFUL GIFT】 XOOL car fan is an amazing gift for...

Next, we present XOOL Electric Car Fans, beating the rest due to their powerful motor that provides strong wind. Unlike other fans, these models boast two rotatable heads to blow air efficiently both in the front and back seats. As premium models in the market, they also function effectively without making irritating noises. XOOL Electric Car Fans form the perfect car cooling alternatives, especially when the conditioner weakens.

Like other competitors in the market, the XOOL models are adjustable and can rotate in 360 degrees. People and passengers on board can receive the cooling air in all corners of the car. Moreover, they boast speed control functions to enable users to change the blowing speed to their favorable levels. There is no speed limit, you can set your fan to your preferable speed to maximize the cooling experience.

Apart from cooling passengers on board, XOOL Electric Car Fans are perfect for removing moisture in the windshield interior. They also do a great job to reduce cigarette smoke, excessive hot air, odor, and dust in the car. What makes XOOL car fans unique are the black clamps they come with purposely to maintain the wire cleanly. Like their competitors, XOOL car fans combat with several car models including sedans, trucks, RVs, and SUVs.


  • Easy to use
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Energy saving
  • Excellent performers


  • Smaller fan blades
  • Noisy

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3. FiveJoy 360 Degree Rotatable Car Fan 

Car Fan 360 Degree Rotatable - 12V DC...
  • Cool Down Your Car Interior in Seconds: Blow hot air out of...
  • Remove All Smells & Keep Your Car Fresh: If you are looking...
  • Super-Easy to Set Up & Adjust to Your Needs: Our 12V car...
  • Weak Air Conditioner? No problem! Defrost your windshield in...
  • One Electric Car Fan for All Brands & Models: The FiveJoy...

In the list, we have the FiveJoy Rotatable Car Fans beating others for the rate they blow cooling air. Being the perfect options during summers, these models have two strong heads to cool the car interior in seconds. Like other premium models in the market, FiveJoy Fans provide effective results without disturbing people on board. They make the perfect solutions for Sedans, RV, Boats, SUVs, and even for home use.

Apart from the cooling function, FiveJoy Car Fans refreshes the car interior by removing all smelly odors. They do away with such odors and forms of dirt by improving air circulation in the car interior. Like other premium models around, FiveJoy Car Fans users can adjust the airflow speed to suit their comfort. Moreover, manufacturers design them to rotate in 360 degrees to ensure they blow cooling air in all corners.

Consequently, FiveJoy Car Fans are the simplest models in the market to set up and use. They boast strong adhesives to enable the device to hold firmly in the place where they get installed. Using them simply requires plugging the power cable into a socket and the device will immediately start blowing cool air.


  • Excellent for urban camping
  • Quality models
  • Nice airflow
  • Lightweight models


  • A bit noisy
  • Stops functioning all of a sudden

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4. Zmoon Car Fan 12V 8” Car Ceiling Fan Rotatable Car Cooling Fan

Zmoon Car Fan 12V 8'' Car Ceiling Fan...
  • 【Adjustable Rotation Angle】 This car fan horizontal...
  • 【Stable Large Clip】 The super-stable fan clip is...
  • 【Fixed in Anyway】 The vehicle fan is durable and...
  • 【Widely Applicable】 This 12V car fan is suitable for all...
  • 【Silent and Energy Saving】 The car fans plug-in is...

Our main concern when purchasing car fans is their efficiency at blowing fresh air quickly. Zmoon Car Fans form part of the perfect solutions for cooling and dispelling all bad smells in the car. They can rotate 90 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally to ensure air blows into all corners of the vehicle.

Apart from their effectiveness in blowing air in all directions, people also love them due to their wide applications. Zmoon Car Fan makes the perfect options for all vans, RVs, boats, and SUVs. You can as well use them at home, camping, gyms and in our offices. Their low noise production level makes them the perfect options in all environments.

Consequently, Zmoon Car Fans are the perfect energy saver models we have in the market. Compared to the AC units, they consume low energy but provides cooling air in the shortest time possible. They also boast stable clips that hold them firmly to prevent them from slipping off. You can set them anywhere, on sun visors, air outlet, sunroof, rearview mirror, or even at the door handle.


  • Excellent energy savers
  • Wide applications
  • Excellent performers
  • Easy to install


  • Fails faster
  • Not durable

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5. Car Fan 12V, Electric Car Cooling Fan

Car Fan 12V, Electric Car Cooling Fan with...
  • DUAL HEAD WITH 360 DEGREE ROTATION: 12V portable car fan...
  • QUIET & 2.5M CORD: 100% pure copper motor, high efficient...
  • FRESH AIR CIRCULATION: Immediately help to cooling down the...
  • NO VISUAL BLIND SPOT: Huliev car fan 12V will not have...

Taotuo car fans take a slot in 12v car fan reviews due to the best experience they have proved to provide. They boast two rotating heads and setting speeds to ensure air blows efficiently in all corners of your vehicle. Like other market models, these fans consume low energy and produce minimal noise while executing their functions.

Apart from cooling the air in vehicles, Taotuo fans make the perfect solution for eliminating all unwanted smells. Manufacturers design them to rotate 360 degrees to ensure air blows in all corners of the vehicle. Users can enjoy road trips both during summers and winter due to their great blowing and defrosting power. Taotuo fans make the perfect solution for SUVs, cars, RVs, vans, ATVs, offices, workout places, and even for laptops.

Their easy installation process and easy-to-use state also make them the people’s choice. Taotuo fans boast quality adhesives to enable them to hold firmly into a place where they get installed. Using them simply requires plugging power cords into a 12 V cigarette lighter socket and start enjoying the cooling air. You can as well adjust blowing speed to fit your preference and the people on board.


  • Quiet models
  • Excellent performers
  • Good price
  • Easy to install


  • Made of poor quality materials
  • Poor customer service

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6. Yerloa Car Fan, 12V Dual Head Car Fans

Last on the list are Yerloa Car Fans making a presence due to their quality construction. Unlike other car fans, Yerloa manufacturers back their products with 12 months warranty as a sign of quality. Also, there is no brand we found with the best customer services as the Yerloa expert team. Yerloa expert team responds to issues within 2 hours to ensure customers get the best experience with their devices.

As premium car fans in the market, these models not only cool the air around but also improves air circulation. They also do a great job of eliminating smelly odors from the car for you to enjoy a drive. Like their competitors in the market, manufacturers design them to rotate in 360 degrees to blow air in all corners.

Yerloa fans adopt two powerful motors and three turbine blades that enable them to cool the air around quickly. That’s not all, like other market models, these fans form the most energy-efficient and saving options around. Moreover, they boast two-speed functions to enable users to adjust blowing speed to their preferable levels.

Most car fans get constructed to produce minimal noise when turned on to execute their functions. Seemingly, Yerloa fans have wind gathering mesh covers and reducing spiral blades to minimize noise production. Yerloa fans make the perfect solution for small, large, medium, and compact cars, trucks, ships, RVs, SUVs, and ATVs. You can also use them on home desks, outdoor camping, gyms, and offices.


  • Quiet models
  • Powerful fans
  • Durable models
  • Easy to install


  • Blows hot air
  • Very small

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7. Portable Car Seat Fan Headrest 360 Degree Rotatable Backseat Car Fan

Car Fan 12V Automobile Cooling Fan for...
  • Feel Cool: With 2 rotatable fan heads, 12V electric car fans...
  • Adjustable Car Fan: This car fan can be rotated by 360...
  • Air Circulation: This car fan is perfect for removing off...
  • Compatibility: This car fans fit all mini small compact or...
  • Wonderful Gift: This car fan is an amazing gift for car...

People who are after fans that consume low energy should choose nothing other than these portable car seat fans. With 12V/8-15W DV power, these Portable Car Seat Fans consume lesser energy than air conditioners. Also, they have two heads that enable them to serve the needs of all people on board.

Apart from boasting two heads, they rotate at 360 degrees to ensure they blow air in all corners. That’s not all, Portable Car Seat Fans have speed adjustment functions to enable users to tune to their preferable speeds. They make the perfect options for a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, and vans.

Like other 12 V car fans in the market, Portable Car Seat models function effectively without disturbing people on board. They boast pure copper motors designed to provide excellent cooling air with little noise. Using them is also as easy as other premium and standard models around. You simply need to plug them into a power outlet and start blowing in cool air.

Consequently, installing Portable Car Seat Fans is nothing to stress you at all. These fan models boast adhesive pads that firmly hold them into place wherever they get installed. Furthermore, manufacturers design them with compact sizes to take up little space in the car. Portable Car Seat Fans are perfect options for refreshing air in vehicles effectively.


  • Very quiet
  • Portable models
  • Excellent adhesive
  • Easy to install


  • Very small
  • Fails faster

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Buying Guide for the Best 12 V Car Fan

All manufacturers tend to construct their products to shine in the eyes of buyers and the entire market. However, this doesn’t mean that they all work the same way or provide similar work results. Their quality and features determine what they can provide and for how long. Below are four factors you can employ to purchase the 12 volt car cooling fan to use.


In the market, all manufacturers advertise their fans as effective as well as the strongest 12v fan worthy to test. But that’s not true, since several models can frustrate you even on day one of use. That’s why experts always advise buyers to research well about these products before they decide what to purchase.

As a buyer, you need to go online and read customer reviews about the models you intend to purchase. From the review, you can get recommendations from others about the best options worthy to try. Moreover, understand that the expertise employed to construct the device you intend to purchase matters. Without this in mind, you risk regretting it after making a purchase.


After you are done with the quality factor, size comes in as a great consideration in your selection process. Buyers should choose fans that fit all people on board, at the front and back seat. However, you just don’t have to rush into getting anything because it’s big. You need to determine an option that fits excellently into your car space.

Before you decide what to take, have an idea about the size of your car interior. Also, buyers should have a rough idea of how much they need their fans to rotate in the car. That’s not all, you also need to determine whether your interior space is sufficient for multiple fans. This and other information will help you to decide on a perfect fan worthy to purchase.

Ease of Installation

Apart from the quality and size, it’s wise to consider the installation process of the model you intend to purchase. Don’t choose a model that will stress you to mount in your car space. Moreover, it could be good if you consider models that boast features that enable easy installation of the fan.

For instance, fans that come with stickers and clamps make the perfect models if you need easy to install models. Other than these, models that boast suction cups also promise an easy installation process. That’s not all, if these aren’t your options, consider simple flour models build to stand firmly while still offering services.

How do Car Fans Function?

Car fans or cooling fans are purposely meant to maintain the engine at normal temperatures for efficient rides. When driving, air penetrates through the radiator to keep the engine at the best-recommended temperatures. However, when the car stops, there is no more airflow taking place to cook the engine. In such cases, the electric cooling fans will take the role of forcing air to normalize the engine temperature.

Determining whether your car fan is working

Traditional cars had temperature gauges that enlightened drivers on the state of the engine temperature. However, this is not available with the modern market car models. As an alternative to temperature gauges, today there are light indicators that show when the engine overheats.

Yellow and red light indicators are warning signs indicating the temperature has gone high. When such lights pop up, then you need to stop immediately and allow the engine to cool down. Another alternative to these lights is a warning message that will pop up on the dashboard display.

Possible Problems that Car Fans Develop

The failing of an electrical device is contributed by one or more problems within the system. Whenever the car fan stops working, there are several things mechanics will inspect to determine where the problem lies. Below are the common car fan faults mechanics will look at whenever they stop functioning.

Problems with the temperature sensor

Modern cars get designed with different functions controlled differently for them to perform their duties. Fans in modern cars get controlled by the engine control units. It’s from the temperature sensors that signals get sent for them to control the functioning of the fan. Whenever there is a fault with the temperature sensors, then possibly the fan will stop functioning.

Blown Fuse

All electrical devices have fuses and most of the problems start or arises from these part. Whenever the fan stops, you must check whether the fuse is in its state. If you can’t locate the fuse, employ the manual, since it illustrates well where to find all components. Any damaged fuse needs a replacement for the fan to start functioning.

Damaged fan relay

It’s the car fan relay that controls the amount of power required for the device to function. Any problem with the relay system will automatically hinder the amount of power the fan will receive. This will make the fan malfunction or even stop functioning completely. In such situations, mechanics should repair or replace the relay to enable the fan to receive sufficient power for it to run effectively.

Wiring issues

Apart from the above faults, your wiring system could also have a problem. You should ensure that wiring from and to the fan is done well for the device to function as required. Complete all the connections and counter-check everything before you start your car.

That’s not all, your fan motor might also have developmental problems that will make the fan malfunction. Before you conclude that the motor is completely damaged, inspect the motor for problems. Faulty motors need replacements for the fans to function effectively.

Whenever the fan stops functioning, you should deal with that as a big problem. An improperly functioning fan can make the engine overheat as well as increasing temperatures in the car. As a driver, you need to have an idea of common problems that affect car fans all through. This will allow you to chip in faster to rectify the problem whenever it occurs.


Car fans are essentials in our vehicles to enjoy comfortable and effective rides every day and anytime. They get designed to cool the vehicle engine as well bring in more cooling air for the people on board.

However, with the saturation of different models in the market, choosing the best option for your car isn’t something easy as such. Early research is mandatory for buyers to get options that suit their needs.

Our review has provided a blueprint of the best 12v car fan that provides the best user experience worthy to consider. They have undergone a thorough inspection from the initial construction stages to ascertain they are perfect and worth the value.

Also, the review has touched on a few factors buyers can consider when purchasing these products. Incorporate ideas in 12v car fan reviews to avoid regrets after purchasing a 12v dc fan for car.

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