5 Best 12V Electric Blanket in 2022: [#1 is Recommended]

Vehicle heaters serve the role of maintaining us warm while driving during cold days. However, if the heater isn’t powerful, it might not provide the required amount of warmth during these times. That’s where the 12V heated blankets come in as your best alternative for maintaining required warmth in the colder seasons. However, with the market saturation of these items, selecting the best 12 volt electric blanket is a big challenge.

In our review, we have discussed five top market brands buyers should consider when purchasing these items. These models have undergone inspection and approved the best products of value-worthy trying. Also, we have provided a few factors to consider when deciding on the option to choose. Get clear information from this review to get an idea going about selecting the best 12v electric blanket queen.

The Best 12V Electric Blankets

If you still worry about your choice from the long list of best models, we are here for you. We tested several 12V electric heated blankets and settled on five top models worthy of the value. These models boast value-added features to get them in the list of top five. Below are the top five options worth considering.

1. Stalwart 75-blanket Electric Car Blanket

Heated Car Blanket – 12-Volt Electric...
  • CAR ADAPTABLE- This soft 12-volt electric blanket plugs into...
  • LONG CORD- Equipped with a 96-inch-long cord, even...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WARM-This lightweight auto blanket has thin...
  • GREAT GIFT- This travel throw is the perfect cold weather...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- Dimensions: 59” (L) x 43” (W), Cord...

We all need products that provide excellent results wherever they are meant to offer functionality. Stalwart 75-blanket Electric Car Blankets takes the top slot for being the best fit for a variety of cars. They not only fit all cars, trucks, but also RV cigarette lighters and SUVs. Once they get plugged into the power system, they heat up quicker than other models. They maintain sufficient warmth throughout until you unplug them from the power system.

Another thing that makes them the perfect options are their long extended cords. They boast 96-inch cords to enable them to serve people both at the front and back seats. Stalwart 75-blanket Electric Car Blankets maintains all people onboard warm throughout the cold road trip.

Designed of pure polyester, Stalwart 75-blanket Electric Car Blankets form the perfect products during winter as well as tailgating. Like other premium models in the market, storing these electric blankets is easiest. Their foldable designs enable you to take up minimum storage space in your car or even in the car trunks and backseats. Manufacturers recommend buyers to only spot clean them to maintain them sturdy for an extended period.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Provide services for an extended period
  • Heats faster and maintains warmth
  • Suits a variety of vehicle models


  • Melts at the edges
  • Gets too hot

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2. RoadPro RPHB-110DB 12-Volt Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket, (58 x 42.5 Inch)

RoadPro BlackCanyon Outfitters RPHB-110DB...
  • 100% Polar Fleece Material
  • Do not use bleach on the blanket
  • Plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket
  • 8-foot power cord with LED indicator on the plug
  • Blanket folds easily for storage in the included zippered...

Next on the list are the RoadPro RPHB-110DB 12-Volt heated blankets that stand out due to their excellent comfort. As premium models in the market, manufacturers pay attention to their construction in all stages. RoadPro RPHB-110DB 12-Volt blankets get designed using pure polar fleece material for added comfort to the end-users.

Like other electric heated blankets, installing and using RPHB-110DB 12-Volt models is a breeze. You simply require plugging in the blanket into a cigarette lighter mains and start enjoying the warmth. Moreover, those who are concerned about power usage should mind purchasing these models. RPHB-110DB 12-Volt electric heated blankets use as low as 55 watts to execute their functions.

Another thing that makes the RPHB-110DB 12-Volt blankets the people’s choice is their capability to serve many at a go. They boast 8′ power cords to enable them to serve both people on the front and back seat. Unlike other market electric blankets, these models have LED plug indicators to alert users when maximum temperature is attained. Lastly, manufacturers pack them with zippered bags for easy and convenient storage.


  • Built to last
  • Excellent performers
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Short lifespan
  • Doesn’t work with power station

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3. Car Cozy 2 – 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket (Red Plaid, 58″ x 42″)

Car Cozy 2 - 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket...
  • Plugs into any 12-volt power outlet
  • Safety timer with auto shut-off
  • Large enough for 2 people, offering both comfort and warmth
  • Great for your road trips in the car or RV and even your...
  • Made of 100% high-quality, super-soft polyester fleece

Here comes another excellent market 12 V electric blanket that promises users excellent results. People love them since they can fit all 12-V power outlets in cars. Like other premium models around, these are electric blankets for a variety of vehicle models. They not only fit the cars but also RVs as well as the boats.

What makes them an excellent choice is their safety timer functions. Rare functions in electric heated blankets that ensure users’ safety are upheld at all times. That’s not all, most people love these models for their incredible sizes. Manufacturers design them large enough to suit two or even more people.

Consequently, these electric heated blankets offer users excellent for an extended period. Manufacturers design them using pure quality polyester fleece material to enable them to offer rewarding experiences longer. Try these models and testify the experience to other prospective buyers.


  • Hold temperature longer
  • Warms up faster
  • Excellent price
  • Boast value-added features


  • Doesn’t have timers
  • You can’t use in standard house outlets

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4. Maxsa 20014 Large Heated Travel Blanket for In-Vehicle Usage

Maxsa 20014 Large Heated Travel Blanket for...
  • oversized, 41 inch by 57 inch, blanket comfortably covers...
  • plugs into any 12 volt / cigarette lighter socket
  • timer automatically turns off heat after 30 or 45 minutes so...
  • automatic temperature control
  • made of luxurious fleece fabric for extra warmth and...

People who value the largest electric heated blankets should go for nothing other than the Maxsa 20014 models. Measuring 41 by 51 inches, these blankets can serve two people comfortably. Also, like other market models, Maxsa 20014 electric blankets plug into any 12 Volts outlets. Apart from that, they still fit into cigarette lighter sockets to provide a service.

What makes Maxsa 20014 electric heated blankets different from other market models is their automatic timer functions. A feature that switches off heat supply after about half an hour to save on power consumption. Users have an assurance of prolonging their battery life and an effective user experience for an extended period.

That’s not all, as modern and advanced models, their automatic temperature control functions place them in top of the rest. Consequently, manufacturers design them with a universal design to fit a variety of vehicles. Nevertheless, these blankets get constructed with luxurious material to provide excellent comfort and warmth.


  • Boast automatic shutoff functions
  • Offer excellent and luxurious comfort
  • Fit a variety of car models
  • Excellent size


  • No temperature control
  • Hard to clean

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5. Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blanket

Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blanket –...
  • ► NICE AND WARMTH - The Zone Tech travel blanket provides...
  • ► TRAVEL COMPANION - The Zone Tech travel blanket is your...
  • ► PREMIUM QUALITY - The Zone Tech travel blanket is made...
  • ► EASILY FOLDED - The Zone Tech travel blanket folds...

Lastly, we have Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blankets taking the fifth slot due to the excellent warmth they provide. These blankets make the perfect solutions both in winter and summer weather. Users enjoy nice and soothing warmth wherever they drive. Manufacturers design them for use during road trips, as tailgates, in boats, camping, as emergency blankets, and in motor homes.

Another thing that makes them the people’s choice is their premium quality construction. Manufacturers design these blankets using quality wool to provide sufficient warmth and comfort. Moreover, durability is another factor the manufacturer considers when making these electric heated blankets. They get constructed using premium quality material for added durability and comfort.

Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blankets are not just warmth maintainers, but also make the perfect pillows worthy of trying. Using them is the simplest of all since they warm up immediately, you connect them to 12 Volts power outlet. That’s not all, storing the Zone Tech Sherpa Fleece Travel Blankets is simplest and convenient as well. They boast foldable designs to take up small storage space.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Convenient storage
  • Ultra-durable models
  • Easy to use


  • Drains car batteries
  • Poor customer services

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Buying Guide for the Best Electric Blankets

Since the electric blanket are excellent for both winter and summer sessions, purchasing the best option isn’t an easy task. What you choose will determine the experience to achieve in all your rides. However, with knowledge of few factors at hand, nothing will ever be difficult for you. Below are four factors you should consider getting the best 12v electric blanket for camping.


Your top factor when purchasing heated car blankets is the size of what you intend to purchase. You need to get an option that all people on board can share easily in all planned trips. In the market, you will find blankets measuring between 40 and 50 inches while others 50 and 60 inches. The size you choose will determine the experience you and the people on board will attain.

When considering this factor, it’s important to purchase something that covers your entire body and the people on board. If that is not possible, you need to obtain blankets that cover the people on board about 90% of the entire body. Measure your car before heading to the market to have a hint of what to pick in the market.

Power Consumption

Apart from the blanket size, it’s important to consider the amount of power the blanket will consume. Get an idea of the watts the electric blanket will draw to offer the best experience to the people on board. Most 12 V electric blankets in the market use between 40 and 60 watts. However, you can set them either high or low depending on the experience you need to get.

While considering this factor, it’s important you ensure the power drawn from the battery isn’t too much to destroy it. You can set the blanket to consume low power and still get the best experience throughout the riding period. However, experts recommend using the blankets while the car is on standby to avoid drawing more power from the battery. This is an excellent way of maintaining the batteries to serve you for an extended period.


Once you are done with the top factors, determine the material used to construct the blanket. Manufacturers use either the Sherpa or polyester fleece materials to construct electric heated blankets. Even if all the blankets serve a similar purpose, they have differences in what they provide.

For instance, polyester fleece-made blankets are not only soft, but also fuzzy and lightweight. That’s not all, these material-made blankets offer sufficient warmth than wool. Sherpa models also form the premium options since they boast high insulation power lightweight and are warmer than polyester models. Research these materials widely before you decide on the 12v electric blanket for RV to purchase.

Reasons You Should Purchase Electric Heated Travel Blanket

Before you go purchasing the heated electric blankets, it’s important you have an idea of what they do. Don’t just rush over purchasing items without knowing their core functions. Below are a handful of reasons why to purchase electric heated car blankets.

Maintain warmth in the car

Most people complain of getting chilly, especially when driving in cold weather conditions. Such occurrences can make the driving experience unappealing. In such cases, it’s important to get heated car blankets to maintain the interior warm for you to enjoy rides.

Preheating Truck Beds

Truck drivers can testify to the importance of electric heated blankets in their daily driving routines. Maintaining the truck bed warmer is paramount for those who need to enjoy driving experiences. After a long drive, you need to ensure you make the truck bed somehow cozier. Simply plug your blanket into the power supply and wait for it to acquire sufficient warmth.

Keeping the people on board and pet warm

You should also mind that the people and pets in the backseat need warmth throughout the entire journey. In such cases, you need to have a good size car blanket to serve you and the people in the backseat. Just connect the heated blanket to the power supply and allow them to enjoy warmth throughout the driving period.

Apart from the above reasons, keeping warm is a way of loosening the muscles of the people on board. As a driver, for instance, you need to make have relaxed joints and muscles to continue driving safely. Electric blankets are the best alternatives, especially for people who drive and travel long distances. Maintaining warmth is the perfect way to avoid joint issues while on the road.

Consequently, you also need to maintain the vehicle cabin warm throughout the driving period. Vehicle cabins usually take long periods before they heat up, especially during cold seasons. Apart from keeping the people on board warm, electric heated blankets will ensure the vehicle cabin maintains the required temperature.

Maintaining Heated Car Blankets

Like other products and items, maintaining them is paramount to get services for an extended period. Cleaning any item or device is the foremost method of maintaining car blankets to provide services for a long. However, since they have internal wiring, they have a special way of cleaning them.

For one, all-electric devices are never machine washed due to their internal wiring. Neither should you submerge electric heated blankets in water. Sport cleaning is the only recommended way of cleaning electric heated blankets.

Before you start cleaning your electric heated blanket, ensure you start by unplugging it from the electric mains. Those who do the cleaning by hand should employ recommended detergents and solutions for the job. Experts recommend a mixture of water and soap to clean electric heated blankets effectively.

Moreover, electric heated blankets get warm or hot after a period of use. Before you embark on cleaning them, ensure they are cool to avoid unnecessary experiences when touching them.

Once your heated blanket is clean, you need to ensure it’s dry before you plug it into the electric mains. Like other electric devices, you should not dry electric heated blankets in drying machines. Have the blanket in a place with sufficient air circulation and wait for it to dry. After drying, you can comfortably plug it into power mains and start enjoying the experience.

All electric devices can malfunction after a long period of use or when they develop a mechanical problem. Whenever you do not have any change in your electric blanket functionality, it’s important to go for a new one. Also, whenever you note that your blanket has damaged wires, just get another blanket to use.

Other people usually iron their electric heated blankets without knowing they are damaging them. Also, whenever the blanket is not in use, you should ensure it’s unplugged from the power mains. Otherwise, manufacturers recommend turning the power on only when you are around, and you need to use the blanket. Switching it off when not in use is for safety purposes and preventing the blanket from draining your car battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the highest temperature can 12 V electric heated blankets reach?

Various electric heated blankets have different temperature range they can heat. This depends on the construction quality and the features they boast. Even if others can heat below 100 degrees F, others can heat up to 120 degrees F.

#2. How long do electric blankets take to heat up?

This also depends on the electrically heated blanket model and the features boasted. Some will take a few minutes, while others will take several minutes before they reach the required warmth or temperatures. Modern models take as low as three minutes, while others take more than that to reach the required rate.

#3. What’s the power consumption range of 12 V electric blankets?

Various electric heated blanket models consume different amounts of power depending on what they are meant to use. Most market models consume as low as 5W to around 55W of power. However, there are few premium models that use up to 100W power to run.

#4. Are 12 V electric heated blankets safe to use?

Yes, 12 V electric blankets have undergone rigorous inspection from the initial construction stages and were ascertained safe to use. However, models that boast timer settings and shut-off features make the safest options worthy to try. Before you use your blanket, ensure you have read and comprehended the manufacturer’s user guide.

#5. Are electric heated blankets for everyone?

Yes, everybody can use electric blankets, and they are proved safe for use anywhere. However, experts don’t recommend electric blankets to the sick or those with allergy problems. Electric blankets can elevate the problem or even give rise to other related conditions.

Cautions on using electric blankets

When using an electric device, it’s important you all through remain cautious to avoid misfortunes that might arise. Electric devices can cause unnecessary accidents that might lead to even death if curbed early. Below are precaution measures electric blankets users should adhere to avoid silly mistakes that can lead to big problems.

After use, you might need to pack your electric blanket safely for future use. Most people usually fold their blankets without knowing that is not the best thing to do. Folding electric blankets will damage or make them malfunction.

Pinching of heating cables is common, especially when using electric blankets on sofa beds. Since pinching of cables damages them, it’s advisable to use these gadgets only in the recommended places by the manufacturer. Avoid using them on sofa beds or adjustable beds, since this is where the pinching of cables is high.

As electric devices, using them near water is a death sentence. Ensure water is off the blankets to avoid shocks that can lead to unusual happenings.

Most people usually iron their electric blankets, thinking that it’s a good way of maintaining them. However, ironing electric blankets contributes to the fast damaging of the device and thereby owners should avoid doing that.

Another thing is understanding the best way to clean the electric blanket and the appropriate detergents to employ. Never employ cleaning chemicals when washing electric blankets. Cleaning chemicals damage your electric blanket’s heating mechanism.


Heating blankets are important gadgets to car owners who need to enjoy the warmth while driving anywhere and anytime. They provide the driver and passengers in a car with sufficient warmth, especially during winter. However, due to the market saturation of electric blankets, buyers find it difficult to select the perfect choice to use.

Our review carries sufficient information about the best 12 volt electric blanket worth giving a try. They have undergone expert inspection and proved they are worth their value. We have also provided few factors that can enable prospective buyers to have it easy deciding the best 12v heated travel blanket overall. Incorporate every idea in 12 volt electric blanket reviews, and you won’t regret it after purchasing an electric blanket to use.

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