1994 Dodge Viper
The reaction to Chrysler’s Dodge concept car of 1989 was such that it was decided to turn it into a production sports car. Previewed as a proper road car in 1990, it went on sale in 1992. It is a brawny, open topped, two seat sports car that puts performance, noise and broad shouldered American appeal ahead of refinement, comfort and silence. The base of this enormously powerful sports car is a tubular chassis frame with power provided by a front mounted track derived v10 overhead valve engine. The car is low, wide and carefully shaped, so with 400 brake horsepower available it is no wonder that the top speed is 188 MPH. Not only does this car out-sprint any production Corvette, but it can also outperform many 12 cylinder engine Ferraris. This particular car has never been driven and has the delivery mileage of 12 on the odometer.