1967 Citreon 2-CV
The use of corrugated metal, cloth covered tubular steel seats, the crude finish on it flat sides and the roll-back canvas top all indicated that a whole new philosophy was being applied to 20th century automobile design. Low prices and utility were playing a role not seen since the days of the Model “T.” Although design work began in 1936, due to WWII, the first car didn’t come off the production line until 1948, the Model “A.” Manufactured originally in France, at one time it was being produced in six or more countries and the last in brazil in 1990. This 1967 version has a 375 cubic centimeter flat twin with overhead valves producing 9 brake horsepower. Incidentally, the CV stands for the French word for horse, Chevva, therefore the original car ha da 2 horsepower engine. By 1976 five million had been sold.