1954 Kaiser Darrin
Henry J. Kaiser, after spending WWII manufacturing freighters to transport people and materials to various locations in the Pacific, decided after the armistice to approace the automobile business in much the same way. In his first year, 1947, he sold 70,000 cars. It turned out that the established manufacturers were biding time for new designs to be completed and temporarily were selling essentially pre-war models. When detroit's fresh new models arrived Kaiser's troubles started. In an attempt to attract more sales, Kaiser went to "Dutch" Darrin, an automobile designer with an impressive record and outstanding reputation. Together they came up with the Kaiser Darrin sports car, the only car whose door slide forward into the front fenders much like pocket doors. The body was fiberglass, the engine a 6 cylinder 161 inch "F" head. Total production amounted to 435 cars.