1932 Nash
Born in 1864 in Illinois and abandoned by his parents at age 6, Charles W. Nash was “bound out” by a district judge to work for a Michigan farmer from whom he was to receive room, board and three months of schooling a year until age 21 when $100, a new suit of clothes and freedom would be his. But Charles Nash ran away at age 12, got a paying job on another Michigan farm, learned the carpenter’s trade, and by the end of 1890 was the fastest cushion stuffer at the Flint Road Cart Company of William C. Durant and Dallas Dort. By 1895 he was managing the Durant/Dort Carriage Company. By 1910 he was heading the Buick Motor Co. By 1912 he was the president of General Motors. Nash and James Storrow bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Company. He named it Nash Motor Company on July 29, 1916.