Elvis delivering his present to Captain Jerry Kennedy of the Devner Police. Denver, 1976
    The king of rock n' roll was generous; he gifted many close friends with automobiles. The Tupelo Automobile Museum has a 1976 Lincoln Mark IV that was given as a gift by Elvis Presley.

    Elvis often played shows in Denver, Colorado where he formed a close relationship with Jerry Kennedy, captain of the Denver Police Vice and Drug Control Bureau. Captain Kennedy was in charge of security for Elvis when he appeared in Denver.

    On January 14, 1976 Elvis visited the Kumpf Lincoln Mercury Dealership at 9th Avenue and Broadway in Denver. There he purchased a 1976 Lincoln Mark IV for $13,386.69. The check to the the dealership, by Elvis

himself, can be seen in the museum.

Elvis gave the brand new car to Captain Jerry Kennedy as a gift. The event was photographed.

The Tupelo Automobile Museum also owns a 1939 Plymouth, the same model driven by Elvis' family when they moved from Tupelo to Memphis. This car is on permanent loan to the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum in Tupelo, MS.

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